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The Benefit & Features

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Who will benefit the most include:
  • The people who do not have any the healthcare insurance as well as the students.
  • The people who have the insurance, but they have high deductibles, the non-covered drugs, the high co-payments or The Caps on their benefits.
  • The seniors who fall down into the donut hole of their Medicare Part D.
  • The job person who is in the waiting stage for the healthcare treatment.
  • The workman who cannot be afford the COBRA payments when they lose their job.
  • The worker who cannot be afford to the cover dependents.

Features and Benefits:

  • You can save up to 85% off  the prescription.
  • You can be used this card instantly any time and there is no activation required.
  • This would be Never expires and you can reusable.
  • You can use the card at all of your pharmacies in your state.
  • You can share the card with your friends, the family or anyone that needs the savings.
  • This is 100% Free - and there is No Fees EVER.
  • There is no process of the Registration Required.
  • We never receive your private information.
  • There are no residency requirements.
  • This card is the low cost than the insurance at this time, and you can CHECK it With Your Pharmacy.
  • The Businesses can offer this card to their job persons in the place of  prescription plan.

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