CHOICE DRUG CARD is designed to assist individuals with little or no prescription drug coverage to reduce costs on their prescription drugs. We would like to provide you with a card that is easy to get, easy to use, and will make it easier to save. There is no cost or hidden fees.

The truth is, this card never expires. Our free card makes prescriptions very affordable. Employ the free drug card at any nearby pharmacy or at any 50,000 pharmacies across the country

Our Vision And Mission

Our vision and purpose is to encourage people to take charge of their health care, as well as to be informed of all of the information which is accessible to them to serve their personal and even family needs best.

We are here to assist people that have to pay their own medical expenses; families; students; those who have lost their jobs and also people who might be struggling financially.

CHOICE DRUG CARD (Free Discount Prescription Card) could help you save on brand-name and  generic medicines. This card can be employed at pharmacies across the country such as local independent pharmacies in addition to regional chains.

We grant this support to any and every individual that wish to save on their prescription costs. You will find no premiums or deductibles connected with this program at all. Printable cards are offered 100% free from our internet site.

The program is used to supplement many medical insurance plans like Health Savings Accounts as well as High Deductible Plans. It may also be used just as a Medicare Part D supplement by offering special discounts on non-covered medicines.

So How Exactly Does This Free Card Work?

First, select a pharmacy; CHOICE DRUG CARD is legitimate at over 50,000 network pharmacy places across the country. In many instances, your current pharmacy will likely be part of our coverage.

Second, submit the prescription; Present the prescription to the pharmacist. If you wish to transfer a prescription, get your empty prescription container or prescription label and bring it to the pharmacy with you.

Third, present CHOICE DRUG CARD to the pharmacist; the card’s unique pin will provide the pharmacist with the adequately discounted prescription cost. The cost of the prescription is dependent on the pharmacy’s contracted deal with CHOICE DRUG CARD as well as our partners.

And fourth, you can save; your savings are going to be clear as soon as the pharmacist enters your own filled prescription into the record. If the lowest discount cost is the choice drug card’s price, your own present insurance program’s rate, or even the pharmacy’s already reduced price, you will be certain to get the lowest price available!

Who Needs To Have The Free Card?

Membership to the CHOICE DRUG CARD plan does not have any requirements. In contrast to insurance programs, there is absolutely no income, age, pre-existing situation, deductible, or perhaps waiting day restrictions. The program was created to assist people across the country that lack prescription drug coverage or simply who have insurance coverage but yet are subject to;

  • Massive deductibles
  • Huge co-pays
  • Formulary restrictions
  • Dosing restrictions
  • Gaps and every cash out-of-pocket costs
  • New workers that are in their waiting time for medical care insurance coverage
  • Staff members who are unable to afford to handle dependents and the likes

We strive to improve health outcomes of populations and to provide new hope to some of the world’s most vulnerable individuals.

CHOICE DRUG CARD looks for people that may love to offer our discount cards to Church Members, Medical Facilities, Governing Bodies, Charitable groups and even Private Sponsors actually have helped in saving huge amounts of money by using this program across the country.