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Did you know that millions of Americans pay for their prescription medication from their pockets? According to the Health Policy Institute, the majority of Americans, both insured and uninsured, have been affected by rising costs of prescription drugs. This is very unfortunate, especially for older persons or those with chronic diseases who rely on prescription drugs. For this reason, prescription discount cards are gaining traction among most people today.

So, what are prescription discount cards? These are cards that allow persons relying on prescription medications to access discounted medicine from select pharmacies across the country. The most prominent prescription discount card is the Choice Card. The Choice Card company has made it easy for older citizens to access highly discounted prescriptions through negotiations for a reduced bulk prescription drug price.

Customers who have the Choice discount card can show the card during checkout at pharmacies and receive up to an 80% discount on the purchase of prescription drugs. This not only makes prescription medicine affordable but also makes it easy for older persons to purchase the recommended dosages.

Which drug stores and pharmacies accept the Choice Discount Card?

The Choice Discount Card is accepted across 70,000 outlets countrywide; both small and larger drug outlets. Notable examples of stores where you can use the Choice Card include Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Walmart among others. Moreover, the ‘Search Prices and Pharmacies’ button on the Choice Card website allows you to see stores near you and the discounted prices of the prescription drugs you need. All you have to do is to key in your ZIP code and the name of the drug to see pricing and location!

Eligibility for the Choice Card

The Choice Card is available for senior citizens with no medical insurance cover as well as those whose Medicare scheme does not cover prescription medication. Additionally, senior citizens with pets on prescription medicine can also benefit from the Choice Card initiative.

How to Get a Choice prescription discount card?

Any older persons in the United States that meet the Choice Card eligibility threshold can easily sign up to get the Choice prescription discount card online in simple steps.

  • Click on the ‘email card’, ‘text card’ or ‘print card’ buttons on the website depending on how you want to receive your Choice Card, and follow the simple prompts.

  • Take the discount card to your pharmacy for discount pricing..

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

For years most senior persons have had to endure the pain of not being able to afford the prescription medication they need. At other times, they had to purchase medication less than the recommended dosage. Choice Discount Card has instigated positive change and allowed more seniors to have access to affordable medication. Seniors who benefit from the program now have a reason to smile and lead healthier and dignified lives. So get your Choice Card today and save big on prescription medicine at a pharmacy near you.