FAQ: Using the choice drug card - free prescription discount card.


Find Answers to Common Questions:

1. Does your card offer a discount on my medications and how much is my cost? You can search for your medications, the cost and participating pharmacies in your area at:  Search Drug Prices

2. I want to print a free discount card now.  Print A Card

3. I am a medical professional and want to pass on the savings to may patients.  Request Cards and Holder

4. Can you text the card to me? Text A Card

5. Are you Insurance? NO, we are Not A Insurance

6. How do I use your discount card?  The card is used like a coupon, just present it to your pharmacist, pay the discounted price and request that the information is save to your account for future purchases.

7. Do you sell drugs/medication? NO, we are NOT a pharmacy and we do NOT sell drugs/medication.

8. Can I use your discount program with my insurance? NO, but you can use our discount card for medications NOT covered by your insurance plan or if our price is lower than your insurance deductible.

9. Can your card be used with Medicare? No, but you can use our discount card for medications NOT covered by Medicare or if our price is lower than your medicare’s price.

10. How to use our pet card? Ask your veterinarian to give you a written prescription and take it to your pharmacy, show our pet card to the pharmacist for our discount price: PET Discount Card

If you didn’t find the answer to your question above: Contact Us

Stop paying ridiculously prices of prescription medications, our prescription discount card program can help lower the prices of prescription medications to a surprising low price.