Prescription Assistance Program

Save On Your Prescription Medication Cost with Choice Drug Card

If you’re looking for affordable prescription medication, then we’ve got a fantastic deal for you. We have a Prescription Assistance Program that enables you to get discounted prescription medication. Our program offers you a free discount card that you can use at any participating pharmacy or other small or large drug stores nationwide. Among the stores that accept our discount prescription cards include:

• Rite-Aid, Kroger Pharmacy
• CVS Pharmacy 
• Giant Eagle Pharmacy
• Publix Pharmacy
• Costco Pharmacy
• Sams Club 
• Target 
• Safeway 
• Walgreens
• Meijer Pharmacy and 
• Walmart and many more 

The card acts like insurance that significantly cuts down your drug prescription costs. To help you determine the affordability of your prescription, we’ve added a drug price search tool that enables you to quickly find a cheap prescription medication that falls within your budget. You can save a substantial amount of money depending on brand names and other generic medications. Our discount drug card is totally FREE. It’s like a prescription coupon and you can use it instantly since it is already pre-activated.

Who can use our prescriptions discount card?

Everyone can qualify for our prescription assistance program and get a discount card. You can use our card if:

• You have an insurance plan in place or not
• You are an employee and cannot afford those costly COBRA payments in case you lose your job
• You are incapable of covering all your dependents 
• A senior who falls into part D donut hole at the end of your healthcare coverage
• Your current insurance contains a couple of limitations such as non-covered drugs, high deductibles, loopholes on the benefits and high co-payments and many more.

With our card, you can slash down on all your prescription medication costs. Our prescription coupons are free of charge. Additionally, there are no strict restrictions on the eligibility of who can use our cards because they are part of our assistance program. Things such as age and income among others don’t hold you back from participating in our program.

How our discount prescription card works

The procedure for using our prescription card is quite simple. All you have to do is to take your card to one of the participating pharmacies then use it to make your drug purchase. After presenting your card, you’ll get a quote showing the amount of money you can save. The amount to save varies depending on factors like the type of drugs you’re buying and the pharmacy involved. 

Why use our Discount Prescription Card?

• It is 100% free of charge, and no registration is required regarding your health, age or income.
• Anyone can qualify because there are no stringent restrictions. 
• Our card comes in a pre-activated state so you can use it right away.
• It has no expiry date.
• It is accepted by several participating drug stores and pharmacies in the United States.
• There are no co-pays or deductibles in our program. 

Request your card today then download and print it to start receiving discounts on all your prescription medications. Participating pharmacies and drug stores listed on our website only offer discounts. You can also print a letter, coupon and view various drug prices. With our discount card, you can save a great deal of stress on your prescription drugs.

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