Affiliate Partner Program

Our program is a great way to make a residual income. You make a commission every time the card is used!!

You will have an account login with detailed commission payments.

Offer our discount cards to your clients, customers or patients and both parties will benefit. Helping uninsured, underinsured and people with high copays.

Complete the form below with no fees or cost to join!

The savings can be substantial for your clients and you make a commission every time the card is used!

Commissions & Bonus Levels

  • Level 1:  0 to 500 claims = $2.00
  • Level 2:  501 to 1,500 claims = $2.25
  • Level 3:  1,501+ = $2.50
  • Plus a $0.50 Sponsorship Override

What You Will Receive:

  • As an partner you will receive a unique Group ID #.
  • An partner web page for marketing your Cards & Apps.
  • Mobile Apps for Apple and Android devices that are activated by your unique Group ID #.
  • Card artwork
  • Partner Account Login

Who Can Earn Income?

  • Medical Office, Hospitals & Doctors
  • Urgent care, nurse practitioners
  • Social Services, Senior Care
  • Pet Organizations & Associations
  • Pet Non-Profits and Fundraisers
  • Non-Profits and Fund-raisers
  • Religious Organizations and Charities
  • Unions & Labor Organizations
  • Agents/Brokers and Benefit Consultants
  • Start A Business and become self employed

Please complete the application form below. The information submitted will be used to create your account. Your commission checks will be sent to the address you submit, so make sure you complete the form correctly.

Age verification - Must be over 18 Years Old
Personal Name, Company Name, Organization or Titles can be used.
To appear on Website and Mobile Apps

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