KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor: MAGA Republicans’ Relationship With COVID-19 Vaccines

The KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Track has been monitoring intentions to get a COVID-19 vaccine since December 2020, when the preliminary vaccine first was to be had. All the way through the previous 3 years, partisanship has endured to play an oversized function in predicting each intentions to get a COVID-19 vaccine in addition to different pandemic-related attitudes and behaviors. With the most recent COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Republicans are as soon as once more a number of the teams least prone to document having gotten the up to date shot. This knowledge notice examines how vaccine attitudes and uptake fluctuate between Republicans who take a seat on other facets of a specific ideological divide inside Republican Birthday party – toughen of the Make The united states Nice Once more (MAGA) motion.

The MAGA motion has attracted many Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, with six in ten (58%) announcing they toughen the MAGA motion, representing about one quarter (23%) of all U.S. adults, in step with the most recent KFF Monitoring Ballot.

Most often, MAGA supporting Republicans have a tendency to be older and feature decrease ranges of training than Republicans who don’t toughen the MAGA motion, with a bigger percentage of MAGA Republicans being ages 50 and older (58% vs. 41%) and having lower than a faculty level (81% vs. 53%). MAGA supporting Republicans and Republicans who don’t toughen the MAGA motion glance equivalent throughout gender, race, and ethnicity.

MAGA Supporters Are Amongst Teams Least Most probably To Get Up to date COVID-19 Vaccine

Majorities of adults throughout partisan teams have reported receiving a minimum of one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine that has been available on the market since December 2020, regardless that larger shares of Republicans compared to Democrats and independents remained resistant, with a minimum of 1 / 4 announcing they might “no doubt now not” get a COVID-19 vaccine all over the 3 years of KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Track surveys.

The November COVID-19 Vaccine Track reveals that amongst Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, equivalent majorities of each those that toughen the MAGA motion (60%) and those that don’t toughen the MAGA motion (70%) say they have got gained a minimum of one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine (10 share issues is inside the margin of sampling error).

Alternatively, Republicans below 50 years outdated who toughen the MAGA motion are specifically proof against getting a COVID-19 vaccine, with about 4 in ten announcing they have got gained a minimum of one dose, 20 share issues less than their non-MAGA supporting opposite numbers (39% vs. 59%). Given the higher vulnerability of adults ages 50 and older to the virus, and in keeping with our findings that throughout birthday party strains, older folks were much more likely to get the COVID-19 vaccine, massive majorities of older MAGA and non-MAGA supporting Republicans ages 50 and older document having gotten a COVID-19 dose.

The latest COVID-19 vaccine just lately was to be had in September of this year, with reasonably muted uptake in comparison to preliminary vaccine uptake. As of early November, two in ten adults say they have got gotten the up to date vaccine together with one in 3 Democrats (32%), 16% of independents, and 12% of Republicans. Amongst Republicans, alignment with the MAGA motion is a robust predictor of vaccine intentions with supporters of the MAGA motion the fiercest of their opposition to the most recent shot.

Amongst Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, about one in 4 (26%) of those that don’t toughen MAGA say they have got gotten or “most certainly” or “no doubt” gets the most recent up to date COVID-19 vaccine, in comparison to about one in six (17%) of those that toughen MAGA announcing they have got gotten or plan to get the vaccine.

Maximum Republicans, without reference to MAGA toughen, say they’re going to now not get the most recent up to date COVID-19 vaccine with just about two-thirds (63%) of MAGA Republicans announcing they’re going to “no doubt now not” get the most recent vaccine, a somewhat greater percentage than the part in their non-MAGA opposite numbers (52%) who say the similar. The variation between Republican MAGA supporters and non-supporters within the percentage who have got the up to date COVID-19 vaccine or say they’re going to persists even after controlling for different demographics of age, gender, neighborhood kind (corresponding to city, rural, or suburban communities), training, and family source of revenue.

Along with being a number of the least prone to be vaccinated in opposition to COVID-19 in any respect, more youthful MAGA Republicans are a number of the maximum adamant that they’re going to “no doubt now not” get the up to date vaccine. Seven in ten (70%) MAGA supporting Republicans below age 50 say they’re going to “no doubt now not” get the up to date shot, in comparison to 54% of Republicans and leaners on this age crew who do now not toughen the MAGA motion (and 34% of the general public total).

MAGA Republicans Are Additionally Much less Most probably To Get The Flu Shot Or View Different Vaccines As Secure

As of September, virtually six in ten (57%) non-MAGA figuring out Republicans stated that they had already gotten or no doubt gets the flu shot this season, in comparison to 43% of MAGA supporting Republicans. Apparently, Republicans who don’t establish with the MAGA motion are now not considerably much more likely than MAGA Republicans to mention they in most cases get an annual flu shot. This might recommend that the MAGA affect on vaccine uptake can be a fairly new phenomenon that public well being officers is also going through within the future years.

The variations between Republican MAGA supporters and non-supporters aren’t most effective obtrusive of their uptake of vaccines, but additionally of their evaluation of the protection of several types of vaccines. Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who toughen the MAGA motion are much less most likely than their non-MAGA opposite numbers to precise self assurance within the protection of COVID-19 vaccines (29% vs. 44%), breathing syncytial virus, or RSV, vaccines (41% vs. 61%), and flu vaccines (53% vs. 74%).

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