How Our Prescription Discount Card Works

Choice Drug Card negotiate discounts on drug pricing with the pharmaceutical companies. Consumers receive lower prescription medication prices on name brand and generic prescription medication’s when using our no-cost discount card. Discount savings at participating pharmacies nationwide, just use our prescription discount drug search to find our discount pricing at your local pharmacy.

What if you have a chronic condition that requires an expensive medication that’s not covered by your insurance or your deductible is too high? That’s where the our discount prescription program may be able to assist with the cost of the medication needed.

There is no cost, and no personal information needed, we are paid by the pharmaceutical companies.

Choice Drug Card can’t be combined with insurance. Our program is more of an alternative. Sometimes our prescription discount card can offer a lower price on your medications. You can use our card instead of insurance if we offer a lower price.

Please make sure to ask the pharmacist to save our cad information for future refills.