How Does U.S. Life Expectancy Compare to Other Countries?

How Does U.S. Existence Expectancy Evaluate to Different Nations?

An up to date chart collection examines how existence expectancy within the U.S. compares to that of alternative in a similar fashion huge and rich nations, each all over the COVID-19 pandemic and during the last few many years. It additionally compares the U.S. and its friends through healthcare spending.

The research presentations that the COVID-19 pandemic has higher mortality and untimely loss of life charges within the U.S. through greater than it did in maximum peer nations, widening an opening that already existed ahead of the pandemic. U.S. existence expectancy at start fell through 2.4 years between 2019 and 2021 – from 78.8 to 76.4. In related nations, the typical existence expectancy fell simplest 0.3 years – from 82.6 to 82.3. In the meantime, U.S. healthcare spending in keeping with particular person stays the best and was once just about double that of in a similar fashion huge and rich countries in 2021.

This chart assortment makes use of provisional 2021 estimates to check the U.S. to related nations within the Organisation for Financial Co-operation and Construction (OECD). Those and different analyses will also be discovered at the Peterson-KFF Health System Tracker, a knowledge hub devoted to tracking and assessing the efficiency of the U.S. well being gadget.

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