How Do Prices of Drugs for Weight Loss in the U.S. Compare to Peer Nations’ Prices?

A category of substances to start with authorized for diabetes remedy has captured the general public’s and policymakers’ consideration as passion of their off-label use for weight reduction rises. The load-loss advantages of those medicine have resulted in their prescribed use for weight problems or obese remedy.

A new analysis compares listing costs for semaglutide—together with Ozempic, which has been authorized within the U.S. for diabetes, and Wegovy, which has the similar energetic aspect and has been authorized for weight reduction—and tirzepatide (Mounjaro) within the U.S. and different huge, rich OECD international locations.

Semaglutide costs are upper within the U.S. than in different international locations. Ozempic is greater than 5 instances as dear within the U.S. ($936) as in Japan ($169), which has the second one absolute best listing value. In a similar way, Wegovy is just about 4 instances as dear within the U.S. ($1,349) as in Germany ($328.)

The U.S. has via a ways the absolute best charges of adults with weight problems. A 3rd of adults (33.6%) have weight problems within the U.S. in comparison to a median of 17.1% throughout peer international locations

The research may also be discovered at the Peterson-KFF Health System Tracker, a knowledge hub devoted to tracking and assessing the efficiency of the U.S. well being device.

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