How Do Health Expenditures Vary Across the Population?

In a given 12 months, a small portion of the inhabitants is accountable for an excessively huge proportion of overall well being spending. This slideshow explores the adaptation in well being spending around the inhabitants thru an research of the 2021 Scientific Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) information. The research unearths that, in 2021, 5% of the inhabitants accounted for almost part of all well being spending. On the different finish of the spectrum, the 50% of the inhabitants with lowest overall well being spending accounted for best 3%.

It additionally examines spending variation through age, gender, race, insurance coverage standing and presence of positive well being stipulations.

The chart assortment is a part of the Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker, a web based data hub devoted to tracking and assessing the efficiency of the U.S. well being device.

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