Women’s Hipster Period Panties 3-Pack Just $16.79 Shipped on Amazon

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Through November 7th, head on over to Amazon where you can score a highly rated Innersy Women’s Hipster Period Panties 3-Pack for just $16.79 – discount automatically applies during checkout! Note that if the discount doesn’t automatically apply, you can use promo code 30A9IDGK at checkout to snag the savings.

Choose from a variety of prints and sizes! These panties provide extra protection and comfort during your menstrual cycle, for light incontinence, and during postpartum recovery.

They provide three layers of protection including a leak-proof lining. For a lighter period, these are an excellent alternative to pads and tampons. For heavier days, pair these panties with your usual cup, tampons, or pads. Also, you can wear them to bed to help prevent nighttime leaks. The hipster style makes these perfect for postpartum as well.

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Wow. What a great thing for women of all ages! The popular brands on social media can cost the same for one pair as these cost for a three-pack. These are sleek, stretchy, silent and comfy. I tested my pair when I received them and found they can hold at least 1 tablespoon of water without soaking through. Worth every penny.

I’m actually really impressed. I’ve never tried anything like this because it’s always seemed so expensive but these were a good deal so I decided to buy. This may be TMI but I have an extremely heavy flow. I leak through everything constantly and usually have to take off work the first day of my period. I decided to try these out by just wearing a pair with no other protection on the second day of my period. I’m actually very surprised that I was able to wear them for about two and a half hours before I felt like it was too full. They weren’t uncomfortable and I didn’t feel wet or gross. They held up perfectly. I feel much more comfortable now knowing that I can pair these with a pad or tampon and make it through my workday or sleeping without any leaks!

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