Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds & Charging Case Only $19 Shipped on Amazon

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Get high-quality earbuds at a killer price!

Through April 12th, hop on over to Amazon where they are offering these Enacfire Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds in black for just $19.19 shipped after an automatic $12.80 discount is applied at checkout.

These wireless earbuds are designed for both work and play so they will stay in place, even during your most strenuous workouts. Enjoy up to 8 hours of uninterrupted playback time from a single charge or use the charging case to get up to 48 hours of playtime! Plus these earbuds are waterproof so you can bring them with you to the pool, beach, gym, anywhere!

If you have a tough time finding earbuds that fit your ears, these are perfect as they come with a whopping six different ear tip sizes to ensure a secure fit.

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Reviewers are impressed with the sound quality…

This is my first set of Bluetooth earbuds. I am impressed with the sound, the battery life, and the ease of use. Definitely a value – good bang for the buck. The sound is excellent after using the right size of tip for my ears and when they are seated properly in the ear. You can tell because the sound becomes fuller and the bass emerges.

I have fallen asleep while wearing these and listening to music. They lasted through the night and did not fall out. I also used them in the pool, but I am not comfortable yet with submerging them, even though I think they are rated as waterproof. They are compatible with my iPhone and I have used them for several phone calls. They provide good sound quality to both ends of the conversation.

These have excellent sound quality and noise cancellation, great battery life, and are comfortable for hours in the ear. I use them all the time under my motorcycle helmet. Perfect for running music, radio, or ballgames from my phone.

Also, Enacfire has great customer service. After months of heavy use, one earphone had gone quiet (my fault, it was clogged and worked fine again after cleaning), and when I asked about the problem they sent me a brand new pair for free! Highly recommended.

Grab yourself a pair with this deal…

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