Werner Fiberglass Step Ladder Just $24.98 on Lowes.com (Regularly $54)

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Lowe’s is stepping up their deals!

For a limited time, head on over to Lowe’s.com where they are offering some nice deals on Werner Fiberglass Step Ladders!

Whether you work in landscaping or construction and need a ladder or would love one around the house for home projects like hanging Christmas decorations or painting, you’re sure to find a Werner step ladder that’ll fit your needs.

These ladders also have slip-resistant steps for safety and are lightweight making them perfect for both commercial and residential use. And because they are made from fiberglass, they’re safe to use around electricity.

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This ladder will be used for 80%-90% of our household tasks, like changing light bulbs and small home repair projects. This ladder will be kept inside, and not in the garage, like the big ladder. We used it last weekend to do 5 small tasks. It worked like a charm and all without breaking my back. I weigh about 240lbs and felt very stable and safe on this ladder. It is the best deal of the holiday!

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Catching up on projects around the house during this pandemic and used my 6006 to replace a light bulb. While climbing the ladder, it struck me that I bought this ladder in the summer of 1992 while building a new home. I used the ladder while wiring my 3000 sq ft home. Then I’ve used the ladder around the house and other wiring projects ever since. What a great reliable product. I feel as safe on it today as I did the first time I climbed on it. What a great product “Made in the USA”. THANKS… 

man standing on Werner ladder

I was originally thinking about getting a multi-positioning ladder, but after looking closer at the specs of the ladder, the rung thickness of the steps was a deterrent for me. The steps on this ladder are wide and deep and are very comfortable for me to stand on. The ladder is also very light and easy to move around yet feels very stable and firm when it is in place. I like the tray at the top that folds out when the ladder is opened and folds up when the ladder closes. I have had a back injury a few years ago and that is why the steps are important for me that they are comfortable to stand on for long periods. It is also an excellent value for under 100 dollars. 

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