Wall Outlet Adapters & Surge Protectors w/ Phone Cradles from $3.23 on Amazon or HomeDepot.com

Woods Outlet

Home Depot has simple solutions for your family!

Hop on over to HomeDepot.com where you can snag Woods 6-Outlet Wall Adapters & Surge Protectors for as low as $3.23!

These wall outlet adapters expand your electrical options while adding user-friendly features like a phone cradle, wire wrap, and EZ-Pull. You can place your phone on the outlet and neatly wrap the cord for a clutter-free space.

They are perfect for your home, office, dorm, and more.

These wall outlet adapters may spark your interest…

Woods Outlet

This review may help you decide if this item is for you…

“Very useful for areas that have several devices that require being plugged into an outlet. The Bedroom nightstand and kitchen areas are great areas to use this. This is a very handy device at Christmas time. The typical home with parents and a couple of children with cell phones and tablets, several TVs, lamps, and various other devices requiring to be plugged into a wall outlet far outnumber the number of electrical outlets available in most areas…This solves the problem!”

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