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Thank you for great sales, Amazon!

For a limited time, head to Amazon where you can find up to 70% off select kids hardcover or early learner sound books!

Toys are fun, but books last a lifetime! They would be a great option for Christmas gifts or a donation item.

Here are a few items to consider…

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“My daughter loved Anna Kang’s other book ” You are (not) small” so I bought her this one pretty soon after, a lot of it having to do with the cute bears drawn by Chris Weyant. It is a simple story of sharing In situations that a toddler in daycare can relate to. What I really like about it is how at the end, the two bears apologize for their behavior and go from to play together which teaches graciousness and forgiveness.”

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“My son was pretty anxious about attending pre-school for the very first time. As a mental health therapist, I highly recommend this book to ease the anxiety of little ones with big imaginations. Great book and fun read.”

“I read this eBook with my Prime membership, and fell in love with it so much that I immediately ordered the hardback edition! I enjoyed the role reversal, as Charlie tackles the many familiar issues that parents will recognize as he tries to settle Rosie, his pet dragon, down to sleep at night. The colorful illustrations are lots of fun, and I can’t wait to share this cute and funny book with younger family members!”

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“I cried. I laughed. I felt love for humanity and this clockmaker and his caiman. Truly fabulous story. The illustrations are poetry. Books like this are super important now more than ever because of things like pandemics and climate change. We have to value all the life around us as the people in the story do. I would have been entranced by this book as a child. Honestly, I am entranced by this book as an adult.”

“This is a beautifully written and illustrated book. It teaches understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of people of different cultures, countries, and backgrounds. It’s great that this is told from the perspective of a child who is curious and with no discrimination against the differences and enjoys learning about the new kid and that despite those differences still be the same and love the same interests. This is a great book for kids to learn these truths early and also a beautiful lesson for us who are older and maybe we could heal the world and how we relate to everyone.”

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“Purchased this book for my 3-year-old. She absolutely loves it as do I! Each princess button reads out what loud the words on the page. Perfect for those learning or starting to read!!”

“My toddler is obsessed with this book! It works great and he is distracted for a while with it. Definitely a cute book for a toddler or young child.”

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