Up to 50% Off Enfamom Prenatal Vitamins + Free Shipping on Amazon

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Moms and babies get a little extra support with these deals!

Through October 4th, dash on over to Amazon where you can score 20% off Enfamom Prenatal & Postnatal vitamins after the discount automatically applies at checkout. Note that if the discount does not automatically apply, you can also use promo code 20ENFAMOM to snag these savings.

Even better, many of these vitamins have additional digital coupons available and qualify for Subscribe & Save so you can score an additional 5-15% off and get free shipping!

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These vitamins have great reviews! Here are a few…

Love the taste and would honestly eat these like candy if I could. They are delicious!! I actually look forward to taking my vitamin now! I switched from a capsule that was making me very nauseated, and gave me heartburn (it never felt like it dissolved fully right away), even when eaten with food and I was always dreading taking it. Morning sickness was already awful I didn’t need a pill adding to it! So it’s perfect for me and has enough vitamins that are important so I’m taking something! A lot of b12, biotin, vitamin E, and D!

Have been taking the Enfamom capsules for a while now and saw they recently added the gummies version. This is one of the best gummies vitamins I’ve ever had. My doctor recommended me Enfamom because of all vitamins and it tastes delicious. I wish I could have more than 3 per day.

The Enfamom Prenatal Softgels are my favorite prenatal vitamin to take. If anyone is like me and has trouble taking any sort of pills/vitamins, these are for you. They are very easy to take/swallow.

Check out these deals…

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Enfamom Prenatal Multivitamin Gummies 75-Count bottle $19.99
Less automatic 20% off discount
Or use promo code 20ENFAMOM
Clip the 15% off digital coupon
Opt to Subscribe & Save (up to 5% off + free shipping)
Final cost $12.99 shipped or $11.99 shipped (5% off)!
*Note that Subscribe & Save is available, however, you will not receive an additional discount unless you have 5 or more subscriptions.

Enfamom Prenatal Multivitamin 75-Count Gummies 3-Pack $55.77
Less automatic 20% off discount
Or use promo code 20ENFAMOM
Clip the 15% off digital coupon
Opt to Subscribe & Save (5-15% off + free shipping)
Final cost $33.46 shipped – just $11.15 per bottle (5% off) or $27.88 shipped – just $9.29 per bottle (15% off)!

These gummy multivitamins contain OMEGA-3 DHA which helps with baby’s brain and eye development, active folate for a stronger immune system, and calcium for bone health! They are gluten-free, with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, high fructose corn syrup, or sugar. Plus, they are a delicious raspberry lemon flavor.

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Support digestive and gut health with this probiotic! Safe to take while you’re pregnant and after your bundle of joy has arrived this probiotic is free from gluten, peanut, shellfish, milk, egg, and tree-nuts.

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These softgels contain Omega-3 that helps with the baby’s brain and eye development as well as expert-recommended levels of DHA that support baby’s health at birth. Active folate also helps nourish your baby’s nervous system and protecting against certain birth defects like spinal cord and brain abnormalities.

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