Up to $241 Off Factor Meals Delivery Service

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Need some easy meals for this hectic holiday season? 

Chef-inspired Factor meals are delicious, nutritious, and require zero prep so they’re perfect for busy people. Plus, you can choose your meals based on dietary preferences including low-carb, vegetarian, veganplant-based, high-protein, and even keto!

If you’re already feeling this stress of the holidays, plus you factor in sports, dance recitals, family vacations, and any other extracurriculars your family is into, having a stash of prepared meals that are ready to heat & eat can be a lifesaver!

Check out how much you can save with our exclusive Factor promo code:

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The cost of your meals is determined by the plan you select (4, 6, 8, 12, or 18 meals per week) and typically ranges in price from $11 – $15 per meal.

However, when you take advantage of our exclusive code, the cost of getting them delivered right to your doorstep would be as low as just $4.40 per meal! 👏🏻

Note that this offer is only available for new users. A standard flat rate shipping fee of $9.99 will apply to each delivery. 

Buy 4 Factor Meals per week – $60 per box
Use promo code HIP2SAVE275
Final cost $24!

That’s just $6 per serving and $36 OFF your first box!

Buy 8 Factor Meals per week – $99 per box
Use promo code HIP2SAVE275
Final cost $39.60!

That’s just $4.95 per serving and $59.40 OFF your first box!

Buy 12 Factor Meals per week – $138 per box
Use promo code HIP2SAVE275
Final cost $55.20!

That’s just $4.60 per serving and $82.80 OFF your first box!

Or snag our exclusive BEST value deal!

Buy 18 Factor Meals per week – $198 per box
Use promo code HIP2SAVE275
Final cost $79.20!

That’s just $4.40 per serving and $118.80 OFF your first box! 😱

It honestly doesn’t get any easier or more delicious! 😍

  • Factor uses the freshest ingredients from a network of trusted partners, ensuring every meal is made from thoughtfully sourced ingredients with no hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, or additives. Just simple, nutritious ingredients – the way food should be. 🙌

Everything is made fresh from scratch, so you get all the flavor and nutrition of a lovingly prepared home-cooked meal without sacrificing the time and energy to make it happen!

Factor meal in bowl

Since they arrive ready to heat and eat, they’re perfect for those evenings when you’re crunched for time, or when you’ve already prepped a meal for the kids and don’t feel like spending loads of time making yourself something to eat. 😉

Factor updates their menu every week with dozens of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options so there are always exciting new dishes to try.

By the time your box lands on your doorstep, the only thing left to do is heat them up, eat them up, and enjoy your free time not stressing over prepping a delicious, savory dinner. Better yet, the clean-up is a cinch!

That’s money well spent if you ask me! 👏

fork with hot food piled on top over factor meals

Not sure what to try first?

When searching their site, be sure to filter your search with your dietary preferences (if applicable). We HIGHLY recommend the Spicy Turkey Poblano Bowl! And on the off-chance you don’t get to all your dinners in time, you can easily throw many of them (including this one) in the freezer and they will come out perfect fresh or frozen. 🙌🏻

You’ll also have the ability to choose your meals for each week or submit your taste preferences and let the chef select your meals for you. Doesn’t get any easier than that!

woman holding a Factor meal

Hip2Save Sidekick Melinda & her husband tried out Factor too!

Okay you guys, I really can’t say enough good things about Factor meals. I admit I was a huge skeptic at first. I am a frugal person who has always cooked homemade meals, even for meal prep when I’m focused on counting macros and “dieting.” I’m in a new phase of life now, working a full-time job, juggling raising three kids, along with all the other busyness of life. Over the last year since I started working again, I found myself really struggling with eating the way I was used to, mostly because I just didn’t have the time to meal prep like I used to.

My husband found Factor and insisted on trying – he even ordered without me knowing and I remember being upset when the box arrived on our doorstep. I told him it’s way too expensive and that I doubted the meals would taste good. Well, I was sure wrong. Every single meal I’ve tried has been seriously delicious. My husband loves that he can get seafood options since I hate seafood and never cook it. He loves them so much too and we’re so hooked. We have discussed the cost and agree it’s worth it to us. With the rising cost of food prices too, now is the best time to give Factor meals a try. They’re fresh, taste amazing, and have great customer service!

man smiling sitting at kitchen counter holding up plate of food with full fork

Check out Stetson’s thoughts on Factor Meal delivery… 

“I first tried the Garlic Parmesan Chicken. It was really delicious and packed full of protein, making it a great choice for gym-goers who want to skip the meal prep. I also had the Peanut Butter Cheesecake, which was AMAZING and surprisingly keto. I could have easily eaten the whole container! 😬

These taste so good and they’re super convenient for people on the go. They come in perfectly sized portions so portion control is easy but you still feel really full and satisfied. I also liked that each one could be baked in the oven or microwaved depending on your preference.” – Stetson, Hip sidekick

The value is also spot on according to Stetson, too!

“At $11 – $15 each, these might sound expensive, but when I think about the cost of keeping my kitchen stocked with all of the necessary ingredients it takes to make them all, I think it makes a lot more sense to keep a stack of these dinners in my fridge instead. With our exclusive Factor promo code, it’s actually a no-brainer for me now. Plus, the amount of time I save by avoiding meal prep on a busy evening is worth every penny.” – Stetson, Hip sidekick

hand holding corner of factor meals on granite countertop

Although this is a meal delivery subscription service, there are NO commitments whatsoever.

You can pause, change, or cancel your meal plan at any time. You can also skip up to four weeks of meal deliveries by pausing your delivery before the cut-off date for each week’s order.

This is the easiest, most delicious way to make sure you’re eating a great dinner every night, even when life gets hectic.

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