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strawberry basket containers

Need some extra storage?

With farmer’s markets selling the freshest fruit, we’re pumped to get our hands on some! Sometimes, they’ll even give them to you in the cutest little baskets. You may think to get rid of them, but this week’s Happy Friday reader, Kay, actually repurposed them for some extra storage! 🍓

strawberries in basket

It’s Strawberry and Peach season! We love buying organic strawberries from local growers who sell them off the street. The strawberries come in these cute sturdy plastic baskets. I just recently learned that if you purchase more strawberries from them and reuse your basket, they discount $1 off.

strawberry containers

I then reused these baskets at home. At my place, our games had been a mess for the longest time. During pregnancy, when I was running on nesting energy, I finally organized the games. I wish I had a “before” picture to show you how intimidating it was. There were probably hundreds of different game cards and pieces all over the room, some tucked away in corners, under furniture, in the toy box, etc.

strawberry basket containers

Well, this is how I organized the brain teasers, flashcards, and playing cards. I used the strawberry baskets and my loyal handy-dandy label machine. It felt so good when I finished this project. I can’t wait to see what else to use these strawberry baskets for. If not for more organization projects, I could always take them to my next strawberry purchase and get $1 off.

hand holding bowl of strawberries

Kay reaped all the benefits of buying fresh and local fruits! Not only are they delicious, but she’s also now more organized. 👏 Thank you for sharing these tips with us, Kay. I can’t wait to make my way over to my local farmer’s market to do the same. 🤩

If you’re looking to do the same thing, but would prefer to buy baskets online, Amazon has a 6-pack of these plastic storage baskets priced at only $19.99!

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