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Hitting the road soon?

Family road trips are on the rise with summer here. This means you also have to find a way to keep your little ones entertained during those long car rides. Luckily, this week’s Happy Friday reader Kailey created some road trip bags that are both affordable and well organized!

packing road trip bags

We are about to hit the road for summer adventures with our travel tribe (mom, dad, and 4 kiddos 5 and under). All the little loves are still in car seats, so we needed a way to keep easy entertainment at their fingertips to pass the miles. I scored some great, durable zip-up bags on Amazon that they will all be able to zip and unzip on their own. Plus, the size means they will fit right next to them in their seats and be easy to grab!

roadtrip bags with toys

I had them help me pick the things we stuffed inside, including the big sticker books from the Dollar Tree; mine doesn’t always have them, so I always grab several when they do! We also grabbed fun-shaped leftover Easter eggs with a mini toy inside which are great to open and close to keep hands busy.

We used links to lock them together and added some bristle blocks because they are easy to stack and keep together in the car. The last thing in the road trip bags was an envelope with scraps of paper and sticker sheets. I pull the “background” off all the sticker sheets so the stickers come off super easy for them!

packed roadtrip bags

I know it’ll help keep them entertained. They had a blast helping me pack them, and I have pre-prepped a couple of stops along the way to stash in the van!

stored ziplock bags

Thanks for sharing this awesome tip, Kailey! There are tons of mini toys you can choose from that are size-appropriate and entertaining for kids hanging in the car during a road trip. These ziplock bags are also great for storing puzzles and other small toys!

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