This Fiesta Dinnerware Dupe is $1 Per Piece at Dollar Tree

blue orange and yellow dishes on granite countertop

Get new dinnerware on the cheap!

You may have heard of the popular Fiesta dinnerware dishes before, but did you know there are $1 look-a-likes at the Dollar Tree!? I’ve tested out the inexpensive Dollar Tree dishware to Fiesta dinnerware from Kohl’s to see if they’re really worth the savings.

hand holding a yellow bowl with chocolate cocoa puffs inside

At Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s, you can score sets of colorful Fiesta dinnerware… except it’s going to cost you a very pretty penny!

If you’re set out to buy just one or two dishes, they’ll run you about $13 to $23 per piece! 😱

However, I know most people are really after an entire set so if you’re wanting to host a 4-person dinner party (or more), it’s going to cost you well over $100. 😳

woman holding fiesta dinnerware dupes in the kitchen

That’s where my excitement for the Santa Fe Dinnerware at the Dollar Tree comes into play because – you guessed it… each piece is only a dollar and it’s the perfect dupe! 😍👏

And just like the popular & expensive sets, you can still get many of the same bright & fun colors as the original fiesta dishes!

Grab some blue, green, orange, or mix and match all your shiny new Fiesta dishes from the Dollar Tree – the possibilities are endless.

hand holding an orange plate in air

Serve up your favorite recipes with their variety of dishes. From dinner plates, small plates, bowls, and mugs, they’ve got the complete set and everything is just $1 each! 🙌

Plus, if you’re really looking to go all out, you can even grab some matching Santa Fe placemats, kitchen towels, and even cactus margarita glasses!

colorful dishes on granite countertop

At first glance, there’s not much difference between these two sets. Both of them have vibrant colors, similar structures, and even the detailing around the edges are pretty identical. Granted, the expensive Fiesta sets have more colors to choose from, but considering the price savings, I can totally make one of the 3 colors available at Dollar Tree work. 😏

All in all, if you’re sticking to a frugal budget when buying some new dishes, I would be scooping up a set of Santa Fe dinnerware from the Dollar Tree in a heartbeat! 🙌

broken plate on granite kitchen countertop

But… to give these dishes the real test, I dropped them on the kitchen floor. 

You heard that right! I dropped them on the floor.

Unfortunately, the Dollar Tree Santa Fe dinner plate I bought didn’t make out too well! 😫 Whereas, the blue Fiesta plate I bought at Kohls didn’t even bat an eyelash. Okay, not literally, but it didn’t crack or chip anywhere – and that’s from dropping it 4 feet in the air on a hard tile floor! 😱

woman holding Dollar Tree plates in kitchen

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this test, it’s that you certainly get what you pay for, but for how often you may drop and break a dish, the affordable Dollar Tree dinnerware far outweighs the price of the real Fiesta Dinnerware.

These are the best items you can buy at the Dollar Tree.

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