The Best Essential Oils for Beach Lovers are Just $16 on Amazon!

The best essential oils for beach lovers are here!

woolzie tropical essential oils sunny outlook

Summer is finally here and I can’t wait to enjoy a sunny day at the beach. The problem is I’m still stuck in the city! Luckily, I stumbled upon these tropical essential oil blends. This affordable aromatherapy kit is helping me pretend I’m lounging in paradise. I had to share this gift set with you because at this price, it’s one of the best essential oils deals of the season!

PS – this post is not sponsored! I have been personally loving these oils and now that we’re in the summer season, I thought it’d be the perfect time to share!

woolzies tropical essential oils

This Tropical Vibes essential oils set brings the tropics to you! The kit includes 3 10ml bottles of essential oil blends. These essential oils are 100% natural and are free of dyes, parabens, fragrance, or synthetics.

Each blend has a fun name – Sunny Outlook, Fresh Air, Poolside Mimosa. And yes, they smell as good as they sound! I don’t think there is a bad scent in the set.

Here is why I’m addicted to this tropical aromatherapy kit:

  • They are 100% natural. These essential oil blends are free of dyes, parabens, fragrances, or synthetics.
  • They are versatile. These blends can be used in a variety of ways. Use in a diffuser or apply as a massage oil.
  • They are giftable. The cute packaging, bright colors, and fun names will make this kit an excellent gift.
  • They are reasonably priced. The set contains 3 10ml bottles of unique blends that can’t be found at just any store. At around $5.33 per bottle, these special blends are well-priced.

Tropical Essential Oils Displayed On Table

What makes these blends special is that they are so well-balanced. Striking notes like citrus are softened with smoother scents like jasmine or cypress. I love that all individual components of the blend are identifiable in the overall aroma. I’ve used the oils several times and still find each scent interesting. I’ve smelled a lot of essential oils, but none quite like these!

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woolzie essential oils set and diffuser

Sunny Outlook is an uplifting blend. I love to add a few drops to my diffuser in the morning. The lime and grapefruit make me feel invigorated, while the lavender and sandalwood have a tranquil effect. The two sensations pair well, leaving me motivated yet calm. If you enjoy daytime meditation, this is the oil for you!

Shown here is my portable Ellia Crystallize Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, but I also recommend this wood grain look Kastute Aromatherapy Diffuser. Both of these devices light up, creating a relaxing ambiance. ☺️

Poolside Mimosa Tropical Essential Oil from Woolzies

Poolside Mimosa is my favorite essential oil blend to use for relaxation. This blend includes orange essential oil which has a mild sedative effect. It also includes peppermint and spearmint, two herbs that can make muscles feel more relaxed. I’ve even been using it lately as a massage oil!

How to make a simple massage oil:

To make my massage oil recipe, I mix 10-12 drops of essential oil with ½ a cup of carrier oil. You can use any carrier oil you prefer, but my go-to is apricot. It’s a lighter oil and it tends to sink into the skin. I find it less messy than a thicker carrier oil, like avocado or olive.

woolzies fresh air essential oil and ellia diffuser

Of the three scents, the winner for me is Fresh Air. I had expected this blend to be a repeat of common scents like clean linen and morning rain. Wow. Was I wrong! This scent is amazing! The aroma is a romantic mix of lemon, jasmine, summer mint, and melissa. It smells like a field of flowers on a hot Southern evening.

If you want to impress guests with a fresh-smelling house, diffuse Fresh Air before they come over.  It makes the whole room smell clean and the fragrance is pleasant without being overpowering.

Woolzies Tropical Vibes Essential Oil Blends Set

I love that Woolzies is a female-owned brand & they only make sustainable products.

This essential oil blends set is made by Woolzies, a female-owned company that specializes in natural wellness. 👏 They make several amazing and unique essential oil kits. Safety is one of their main company values and they promise to use high-quality ingredients. That’s why I often recommend these essential oils to friends! Plus, the bright-colored packaging and cute flamingo artwork make this tropical aromatherapy kit super giftable.

When I’m stuck indoors, I use these tropical essential oil blends to lift my mood. With a little beach music and a fruity drink, I can almost feel my toes in the sand. For around $5 a bottle, you, too, can transport yourself to an island for an afternoon! 🏝

Woman Holding An Essential Oils Bottle

In my opinion, this is one of the best essential oils gifts on the market. You can’t find these premium scents just anywhere, and with summer basically here, now is the time to make your home smell like it. Easy breezy! ☀️

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