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Keep in mind it’s also in stock on the Bonne Maman website, so you can also scoop it up for the same price there.

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Keep reading to see our full review on this jelly-filled Advent Calendar

Bonne Maman advent calendar

This is such a fun Advent calendar for adults!

Although we haven’t gotten our hands on the 2021 Bonne Maman Advent calendar yet, the picture shown above gives you a peek inside last year’s calendar. The past box was heavy-duty, well-made, and gift-quality (if you can bear to part with it)!

Last year, I immediately thought of my mom when it arrived, and I knew that her face would light up when she saw it. Plus, she loves jams and cute country decorations, so it was a total winner before she even tried any of the jellies!

Jelly in Advent calendar

The size of the jars included in the Bonne Maman Advent calendar is absolutely perfect. At 1-ounce, these samplers allow you to try all of the irresistible flavors of fruits and honey rather than having to buy large jars of them.

Among the 24 jars that are included, you’ll find some classic favorites and a sampling of delicious, limited-edition flavors like Cherry with Hibiscus Flower, Peach with Jasmine, Raspberry with Rose, Wild Blueberry with Lemon Balm, and Sweet Orange & Passion Fruit. You’re sure to discover some new favorites!

stack of mini jelly jars on christmas towel with advent calendar in background

Love the jellies but don’t need an Advent calendar?

Here are a few ideas for what you can do with these mini jars if you’re not planning to use them to count down the days until Christmas:

  • Host a brunch – How fun would it be to host a yummy brunch with decadent bread, muffins, pastries, and anything else that would go well with jams and honey?! Friends and family will love testing out the new flavors!
  • Put a few out at your holiday parties – If your holidays are anything like mine, they’re jam-packed (pun intended) with festive parties. If you have a few get-togethers planned, then you can put a few new jams out at each party to make good use of them. Plus, they would also make a cute hostess gift if you’re attending a party at someone else’s home.
  • Bring some to the office – There’s one thing that people in an office will never complain about, and that’s free food! If you don’t think you’ll use all 24 jars of jam on your own, surprise some coworkers and pick up a bag of bagels and bring a few jars with you for them to try out.
  • Regift some in a holiday gift basket – I love putting together festive gift baskets, and these jams would not only be the perfect filler, but also a fun addition to any basket made for a foodie.
  • Donate some to teachers or other essential workers – These jams would also make for a really cute teacher’s gift, or as a small thank you for anyone else you’d like to recognize this holiday season.
  • Eat all of them on your own – It’s okay, you don’t have to share them if you don’t want to! In fact, they’re almost too cute to share. Lucky for you, they’re good through next summer as long as they’re not open, so feel free to take your time enjoying each and every one with your morning toast!

Bonne Maman 2021 advent calendar

Truthfully, I can’t say enough about this Advent Calendar! It’s high quality and I love that each jar is made of glass and that they all look so aesthetically pleasing. Yes, it’s on the pricier side, but you get a lot of jam and honey! There are also so many different flavors that I normally wouldn’t get to try.

Overall, I think this Advent Calendar would make the perfect gift for any friend, family member, or yourself. It’s so much fun to have an exciting new spread to try each day before Christmas!

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