The 2021 Amazon Holiday Toy Book Is Hitting Mailboxes

holding the 2021 Amazon holiday toy book

Check your mailbox for a special delivery from Amazon! 📭

Be sure to watch your mail for the Amazon Holiday Toy Book, which may be appearing soon if you haven’t received one already!

While it’s always fun to browse with kids online and help them make an electronic wish list, nothing beats handing them an actual toy catalog and cozying up on the couch to flip through the pages together!

holding the Amazon holiday toy book open to reveal the sticker page

The 2021 Amazon Holiday Toy Book features 90 pages of toys, games, arts & crafts, collectibles, and so many gift ideas for kids of all ages!

This year’s catalog also contains stickers, fun activities, and a place where your kiddos can make an old-fashioned, hand-written wish list.

holding toy book open to wish list page

If you haven’t received your 2021 Amazon Toy Book yet, you can still get in on the fun! In the past, Amazon has been known to publish a PDF version on their website, although they haven’t shared one for this year yet.

In the meantime, you can see Amazon’s holiday toy list online right here! You can shop by category, the age of your gift recipient, their favorite character, and more!

The holiday toy sales are already ramping up! Check out the latest toy deals right here!

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