Thanks to These Chains You’ll Never Get Fan Cords Mixed Up Again (& They’re Only $6.99 on Amazon)

Ceiling Fan Pulls Chain Set

Amazon has a spinningly good home deal!

Rush over to Amazon where you can score this Ceiling Fan Pulls Chain Set for only $6.99 (regularly $9.99) – lowest price ever!

Check out why Hip Sidekick, Jen, loves these cords

I just got these cool pulls for our fans! It’s nice because it’s easy to tell which one is the fan and which one is the light. Bonus, they are long so my 5-foot mom can reach them.

ceiling fan extension set

Our readers love these too…

We have these and love them! It makes it easier for when we ask the kiddos (well pre-teens) who can reach to turn the fan/light on/off. No guesswork or having to remember which is which. We used to do the longer/shorter but sometimes even we would forget as adults.

I bought some like this for our bedroom. Love them. Super simple. It’s also easy to feel the obvious difference in shape in the dark. But I have considered adding a little pizzazz by putting glow-in-the-dark paint on the “light” pieces. 😂 💡

I bought 4 sets of these just last week! We love them and they’re of good quality. 

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