Super Mario Perler Beads Activity Bucket Only $9.95 on Amazon or

super mario perler activity bucket

Keep your kids busy with a fun craft!

Head over to Amazon or where you can score this Perler Super Mario Bros. 3 Craft Bead Bucket Activity Kit for just $9.95 (regularly $14.39).

This large Super Mario Bros-themed bucket includes 5,000 Perler beads, a Perler pegboard, a Perler bead pattern sheet, and one sheet of reusable ironing paper. Even better, there are also easy-to-follow instructions to make your favorite Super Mario characters.

This huge kit would make an excellent Christmas present for your crafty or Nintendo-loving kiddos.

Super Mario Bros Perler beads crafts

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I got this for my 6-year-old niece for her birthday! She has had so much fun putting the patterns together. Her mom obviously helps out with ironing, but they have had such a blast. She wears the designs as necklaces to school and her little kindergarten friends want one too haha. So cute!

I had this along with another smaller kit and had a blast doing these patterns. Some I looked for online to copy. I’m over 30 and love the retro 8-bit look of the figures. I’ll probably turn them into Christmas tree ornaments like I saw on another reviewer’s pictures. I will say the black beads can be more difficult at times from them clinging to your hands due to static. Overall it was a blast, and it was difficult to stop making these once I started. Next, I hope to get the Zelda pack.

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