Step2 Archway Falls Water Table Only $38.99 at Costco

Costco has exclusive toys to keep the kids entertained this summer!

Dash over to Costco where you may be able to score this Step2 Archway Falls Water Table for just $38.99! No Costco nearby? It’s also available online for only $44.99 shipped.

It has an open design that allows more than one child to play and features exciting spinners, ramps, mazes and more. It includes 13 accessories (such as boats and sea critters) that make this toy SO FUN and interactive! Plus, it has a leak-free drain plug to make sure the water stays in and can be easily drained when playtime is over.

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This fun water table is Made in the USA and is available exclusively at Costco, so jump on this deal if you’re looking for a new way to keep the kids entertained!

“This is our first water table and the kids are having an absolute blast with it. It seems durable and went together easily. Everything is smooth with no pinch points or rough edges to get scratched on when playing. The round design of the table gives space for the kids to move around without getting in each others way. There is a fish flipper that I’ve never seen before, adding an element of play for our older kids as they try and flip fish from the side of the table to the top of the water tower. The drain plug works well, giving the kids a chance to recycle the water for the garden plants instead of just dumping the table over.”

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