Smart Body Fat Scale w/ Bluetooth Only $10.44 on Amazon

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Get to know your body better than ever before…

Through November 30th, head on over to Amazon where they are offering this True Know Smart Body Fat Scale for just $10.44 (regularly $18.99) when you clip the 10% off digital coupon on the product page and use promo code SR7JZF2O at checkout.

This high-quality Bluetooth Smart Scale features a backlit LED display and is made of thick tempered glass for strength to hold up to 400 pounds. It also features four high-precision sensors to ensure that you are getting the most accurate weight measurements.

Use this scale to measure your percentage of body water, rate of body fat, BMI, muscle mass, body weight, visceral fat, bone mass, BMR, lean body mass, and more while also tracking the impact of your exercise and diet.

Even better, you can use the app to create an unlimited number of accounts to save all the data of all the account members. You can weigh yourself anytime and the data will sync with the app once your mobile device is connected.

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One of my favorite things about this scale is how low-profile and lightweight it is. It is exceptionally slim and has a very small footprint. It is low enough to the ground that it can easily be stored under lower-standing furniture, which is a big plus for me. The design is simple but clean, allowing the scale to fade into the background of whichever room it is placed in. The scale reads weight accurately and pairs easily with the accompanying app. The addition of the app is a nice touch, as it allows you to see other information the scale records such as muscle mass and BMI. The app also allows you to track such things as your weight, goal weight, measurements, and water intake.

Ok, so this scale blew my expectations out of the water! Before this one, I’d been using a much pricier ($100+ more!) scale that tracks most of the same measurements. Not only is this one accurate and compact, but it also has more functions. The app is so easy to use and displays all your data clearly while creating graphs so you can visually SEE your progress. I feel like this is a huge help when you are trying to lose weight. All in all, I’m super impressed with this scale and cannot believe the value you get.

Here’s the deal…

True Know smart scale with batteries and phone overlay

True Know Body Fat Scale $18.99 (regularly $23.99)
Clip the 10% off digital coupon
Use promo code SR7JZF2O
Final cost $10.44!

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