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Start a path to better wellness with Saje!

If your wellness routine isn’t exactly keeping you well, it’s time to see all that Saje Wellness has to offer, including 15% off your first purchase!

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saje wellness products

From self-care to skincare, pain relief, sleep concerns, and more, Saje has a way to soothe your ailments and prioritizes clean and all-natural ingredients at the same time. Plus, for all the naturalist fans on your holiday list this year, their essential oil collections and more are so giftable!

Keep in mind that shipping is free on orders just $50 or more, so consider grabbing easy gifts for all to avoid those shipping costs.

There’s a Saje Wellness product for everyone on your list! Gift something natural & unique this holiday with these deal ideas…

saje cough supressant on throat

Made with soothing menthol from peppermint oil plus tea tree, eucalyptus, and cinnamon blends, you’ll want this cough suppressant on hand before the flu season strikes! Plus, the nice rollerball allows you to apply directly onto the neck for fast-acting throat relief from itchiness and overall soreness in just minutes (I tried it 😉)!

saje sweet dreams oil blends in box

For the over-workers…

Saje Sweet Dreams Restful Diffuser Blend Collection $44
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OR use code HIP10 (10% off for returning customers)

Final cost with…

  • 15% off = $37.40- just $9.35 each
  • 10% off =  $39.60 – just $9.90 each

A good night’s rest begins with the perfect bedtime routine and this set contains only the purest lavender, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, and more oil blends to help set the stage for sound sleep. Plus, with these pre-made blends, you can take the guesswork out of concocting your own. The minimalist box doubles as a holder for convenient and beautiful storage.

saje pocket farmacy in purse

For the ‘Mom’ of the group…

Saje Pocket Farmacy Physical Edition $65 (a $74 value)- includes 5 pocket oils!
Use your unique 15% off coupon code
OR use code HIP10 (10% off for returning customers)
Shipping is free

Final cost with…

  • 15% off = $55.25 shipped
  • 10% off =  $58.50 shipped

This best-selling Saje Wellness kit supports your overall physical wellness whenever and wherever you need it! Each relieving blend comes in a handy rollerball design for the most direct way to deliver powerful pain relief to your body.

Apply the stress-relieving blend to the temples, Gutzy blend to the stomach for digestive issues, and more. Plus, each rollerball stores directly in the beautiful, slim zip case so you can take it with you wherever you go!

woman applying deodorant spray under arm

Deodorant sticks are fine, but there’s nothing more feminine-feeling than the light spritz of deodorant sprays, and these are aluminum-free and mineral salt-based for only natural goodness! Plus, with names like Peaceful Warrior and Goddess, who wouldn’t want to start the day with that kind of empowering confidence! 💪🏼

I tried the award-winning Peaceful Warrior spray and I couldn’t be more pleased. As someone who was uneasy about deodorant sprays at first, not only was this spray so refreshing and easy to apply, but it also kept me fresh the entire day, including the 3-4 hours we spent in the sun at the beach!

At the same time, if I did need to reapply, I love that these deodorant sprays just seem so much more discreet than rubbing a big ‘ol stick on your underarms! It also has a muted, earthy scent that I just find so much more pleasant!

saje muscle melt in hands

For the gym-buff…

Saje Muscle Melt $10
Use your unique 15% off coupon code
OR use code HIP10 (10% off for returning customers)

Final cost with…

  • 15% off = $8.50
  • 10% off =  $9

This soothing body butter is formulated with essential oils like rosemary and birch wood that are specifically designed to decompress your hard-worked muscles while hydrating and moisturizing at the same time. This would make such a useful gift for all the gym-goers, hikers, athletes, and more! Plus, doesn’t a ‘muscle melt’ just sound so inviting? 😍

saje mini diffuser with box

For those who are ‘oil-curious’ (also closet oilies)…

Saje Aroma Geni White
Only $36 (regularly $45)

*Note that this item is already on sale- WOOT! Saje Natural Wellness coupons are not valid on sale items. 

This sleek BPA-free mini diffuser is the perfect addition to any space as it is small in size for discreet, yet powerful misting! Plus, don’t let the small size fool you, just a few drops of your favorite essential oils and this diffuser can run up to 8 hours intermittently for room-filling freshness all day or 4 hours non-stop when you need a constant calm.

saje products stacked

So in a saturated sea of oil brands, why does Saje Wellness stand above the rest?

I LOVE essential oils! I love all the ways you can use essential oils and the wholesome goodness they promote. I have tried very low-grade essential oils (the ones that probably aren’t so natural) and one of the most acclaimed (and expensive) brands, Young Living.

I had yet to find my go-to ‘brand’ of oil must-haves, but I think Saje might just be it!

For me, its the 100% pureness- not 97%, not 99%, Saje is committed to only natural ingredients in their products, so I can commit to spending a little more knowing I’m getting the best of the best. In comparison, when I did try said brand (mentioned above) I could NOT get behind those prices 😱

As just a quick comparison, their most similar grounding/ sleepytime kit is priced over $280, whereas I fell in love with this Saje Sweet Dreams set which you can score for as low as $37.40… and you get the same four 5ml bottles of oil blends!

woman holding essential oils

Plus, I think the Saje packaging/ design is just beautiful so I have absolutely no problem displaying, gifting, or whipping out my oils when we’re out and about. Even just the box this oil blends collection comes in is pretty enough to be left out on my dresser so I don’t even need to buy a separate container to store my oils.

diffuer with oils

Here are a few more reasons I’m already adding more Saje Natural Wellness items to my cart!

  • Their RPET program puts recycling at the forefront. Also known as the Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, which is a material made from recycled water bottles, Saje uses this material in most of their kits and packaging and repurposes 200,000+ plastic water bottles each year.
  • They’re more than cruelty-free. Saje products are also paraben-free and made without artificial ingredients, SLS, or other harmful chemicals. Plus, while there is no license that qualifies a product as 100% natural, Saje partners are registered with Health Canada and the FDA and certified to meet both organizations’ high-quality standards.
  • You can see what wellness really looks like at one of their beautiful storefronts in California or Washington, plus many locations in Canada!

AND, their holiday gift shop totally has me sold! NOTHING beats the smell of the holidays and I just want to LIVE in all those Good Cheer oil blends!! 😍

woman holding saje wellness products

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