Quaker Oats Just $1.75 After Cash Back at Walgreens (Regularly $5)

Skip Walgreens, go to Costco, and pick up 10 lbs (160 ounces) for $13. That is $1.30 per lb for Quaker Oats.
So, you’re getting 36 ounces, which is 2lbs 4 ounces for $3.50 = $0.0972 per ounce. Or if you buy it from Costco, it works out to $0.08125 per ounce, which is about a 20% savings, without dealing with the cash back.

It really sucks when the cost of oatmeal has gone up by 50% in the past year, as this is a staple and one of the least expensive foods someone can eat.

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