Pumpkins & Bats Cheese Ravioli Is BACK at Costco

Nuovo Pumpkin & Bats Ravioli

We’re batty about the fun seasonal ravioli at Costco! πŸ¦‡

For a limited time, head into Costco where you may be able to find these Nuovo Pumpkins & Bats Shaped Ravioli 32oz Pack for just $8.99!

Look for them in the refrigerated section in a 16oz twin pack to add a fun touch to any meal this October! Just boil them then pair them with your favorite sauce.

Nuovo Pumpkin & Bats Ravioli

These ravioli feature a tasty blend of traditional Italian ravioli filling with creamy ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and aged asiago cheeses in fun black bats and orange pumpkin shapes.

Try our Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce with pasta!

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