Nordic Bioscience and Roche strengthen collaboration

The companies will focus on the development of biomarkers for chronic diseases

Nordic Bioscience has announced the strengthening of its ongoing collaboration with Roche for the development of proprietary biomarkers involved in tissue breakdown and build-up.

Nordic typically concentrates on extra cellular matrix biomarker development, providing objective decision-making for compound selection in clinical trials.

As part of the collaboration, Nordic will transfer proprietary blood-based biomarkers to Roche in order to be implemented on the automated COBAS platform. Nordic’s’s biomarkers are unique and essential for all chronic diseases involving tissue fibrosis and inflammation.

The link-up will also facilitate better clinical decisions in drug development and patient selection, as well as boosting precision medicine and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

To date the partnership has yielded two biomarkers which have been commercialised and implemented on the Roche platform. Nordic’s PRO-C3 has become a commonly used next-generation and non-invasive fibrotic biomarker. Meanwhile, PRO-C6 is highly relevant for cardiovascular diseases and various cancer types.

Both biomarkers have completed their respective technical development and are currently proceeding through the accredited laboratory of Nordic Bioscience.

“The collaboration with Roche Diagnostics is an important step for Nordic Bioscience in our efforts to help accelerate drug development. Having our biomarkers on the Roche Diagnostics’ platform and our combined capabilities will secure global availability of our best ECM biomarkers,” said Morten Karsdal, chief executive officer at Nordic Bioscience.

“This also adds significant value to Nordic Bioscience offerings as we transform our biomarkers from tools used only in clinical development to globally available diagnostics products,” he added.

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