Netflix Is Cracking Down on Password Sharing

The days of sharing a Netflix account may be numbered!

Netflix was the original streaming service that got us all addicted to binge-watching and changed the entertainment landscape with their popular original content.

Now there are so many more services to choose from (like Hulu, Disney+, etc.) but the price of paying for them all isn’t a very frugal option. That’s why a lot of users share passwords with friends and family, opting to share the cost of their favorite services instead of shelling out a fortune paying for them all alone.

If you’re currently using your ex-boyfriend’s roommate’s account, listen up… It’s been reported that Netflix is testing a new feature meant to crack down on password sharing. 😱

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Netflix has not put any big focus on password sharing in the past, but now a select number of users have encountered a pop-up asking them to verify their account via text or email. If they’re unable to do so, they’re offered a free 30-day trial to start their own account. It states in the Netflix Terms of Use that password sharing with anyone outside your household is prohibited, and this test is the first step to upholding this rule.

With Netflix often leading the way in the evolution of such services, it wouldn’t be surprising if we start seeing a similar pattern with our other favorite apps.

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