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Eye Pop blue and yellow Swimming Sport Goggles

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These adorable freestyle goggles are not only great for swimming and water fun, but they have been designed to eliminate hurtful hair hassles while swimming. The soft, fabric headband fits snuggly and comfortably stretches when adjusting to avoid tangling and pulling hair giving you a secure leak-free fit!

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Eye Pop Purple and Blue Swimming Sport Goggles

blue and yellow goggles

My 6-year-old has tried a variety of different goggles and found these to be very comfortable. She especially loves the wide cloth band, because her curly hair tends to get tangled up in traditional goggles. She likes the widespread pressure rather than a tight band. It helps keep it in place without slipping up or down. I found it difficult to tighten and loosen and found the cloth didn’t stretch that much. I thought that could be a negative, but once we used it, and got a good fit, it was perfect, not allowing for loosening and made for a good fit. A more stretchy cloth would have slipped. The only critique I have is that there aren’t interchangeable nosebands. The goggles seemed a bit wide for her face shape. She said they were comfortable for her though. The rubber padding around the eyes was more generous than other goggles we’ve tried. The tinting was nice, and not too dark. Overall, this was an excellent product for a child to prevent hair tangling and enjoy a comfortable band and eye padding.

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