Jelly Bags Make Unique & Affordable Gift Baskets – Under $3

bright colored blue pink and yellow jelly baskets on table

We’re hopping on this adorable trend! 😍

Couldn’t get enough of jelly shoes from the 80s and 90s? Now there’s a new, popular trend you can live vicariously through your little ones with.

Ever heard of the jelly bag? Up until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t either, but come to find out they’re taking over kids’ wardrobes everywhere! They’re fashionable, versatile, would make the perfect Easter basket, and are oh, SO CUTE! I can promise ya if you love jelly shoes even a fraction as much as myself, you’re going to be swooning over these jelly bags! 😍

girl holding up a pink jelly bag in front of front door

I’m an early 90s kid so I like to believe I have an honorary degree in all things tie-dye, bell-bottoms, velvet, scrunchies, and you guessed it… jelly everything! 🙌 So you better believe when I heard about jelly bags I was all over it… for my 5-year-old daughter, that is. 😏 (Cough, cough…) 😅

Come to find out, they’re not the easiest thing to find since this hot trend started with many small Instagram shops and all the best colors sell out fast. Luckily, I was able to score a couple from two different shops so I could see what all the fuss was about. (But let’s be real… I knew I’d my daughter would love them regardless.) 🤣

pink jelly bag hanging from hook on brick wall

Here are the two places I bought our jelly bags:

girl putting toy in pink jelly purse on black coffee table

Jelly bags are SO versatile and although I originally bought them to use as a unique Easter basket, the possibilities are truly endless! They’d be a great gift on their own, the perfect beach tote, a great fashion accessory, and so many more things.

I know these jelly bags will be getting used daily around our house. My daughter loves purses and makes toting around all her favorite toys in every purse she owns an Olympic sport. 😆 Plus, they’re super easy to keep clean so letting kiddos play with them literally anywhere is worry-free!

pile of colorful pink blue and yellow plastic purses on floor

I was pretty thrilled when I discovered the Oriental Trading jelly bags! For just $24.99 SHIPPED, you can score a pack of SIX jelly bags! 😱 Two blue, two yellow, and two pink ones! I know, I know…who needs 6 jelly bags?! Well, I beg to differ 🤣, but on a serious note, they’re PERFECT for Easter baskets so if you have more than one kiddo (or grandkids) to shop for… you can grab these unique bags for a fantastic price!

Even cooler, they have smaller, medium-sized jelly bags for just $15.99 for SIX – making them under $3 EACH! 🙌

pink basket with easter stuff inside sitting on floor

These jelly baskets are not just great for Easter, but at such an awesome price, they’d make a cute party favor, special basket to gift neighbors with some baked goods, use as birthday gifts throughout the year, or even give one to each of your kiddos for the beach!

Now let’s talk about the small shop Etsy Jelly Bag.

pink jelly bag hanging from hook on brick wall

First things first, this bag is handmade in the USA so it’s a great option if you’re stepping away from international buying. Plus, it always feels good to support small shops and family-owned businesses and this purchase will do exactly that! 👏 #teamUSA

Looking for other sizes or colors? This shop also has mini baskets for just $3.49 each!

hand holding jelly purse card and keychain

Unfortunately, the Etsy shop I ordered from is taking a quick break for Easter, so here are 2 highly-rated Etsy shops with jelly bags that may arrive in time:

    • FestiveFettiavailable colors: pearl yellow, mustard, dark blue, & green
    • MiaHeartmade – available colors: cranberry red, lilac, purple, yellow, orange, blue, lime green, forest green, & black

*Be sure to double-check your delivery dates if you’re shopping for Easter! Or you can also shop HERE for all the jelly bags on Etsy.

hand holding pink jelly basket with keychain

While my daughter is thrilled with literally ALL of them 🤣, the Etsy one is definitely built to last and even has a beautiful shimmery finish compared to the cheaper ones. Of course, it’s pricier – but if you spend $35, you can score free shipping, making it a little more affordable if you’re shopping for more than one bag. 🙌

The Etsy bag also has a true heavy-duty “jelly-like” feel similar to quality jelly shoes you’re probably familiar with. Honestly, the Oriental Trading bags are a stretch to be called “jelly” because they feel more like cheap, thin plastic. I wouldn’t recommend the cheaper ones if you’re after a real jelly accessory.

That said, the Oriental Trading bags are available to ship now (so you have a better chance of getting them in time for Easter) and really are quite the steal, especially if you have multiple bunnies you’re shopping for!

girl holding pink jelly bag walking outside

Nonetheless, we’re team jelly for LIFE! ❤️

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