Is Walmart’s New Kids Clothing Line Better Than Target’s Cat & Jack?!

My kids tried the trendy, new Walmart kid’s clothes brand and I had to share!

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If you told me these Walmart kids clothes were from a trendy, new Instagram shop, I’d believe you. Modern designs, quality materials, and a commitment to sustainability, yet still maintaining affordable prices are just a few of the reasons people are going crazy for this new brand.

…And they just may have converted the Target shopper in me. 😏

hand holding purple ribbed shirt on pile of walmart kids clothes

I’m just going to be totally blunt with you all for a minute…

I have always somewhat disliked Walmart.

There. I said it. 😯 (Don’t come after me). 😅 It’s just something about the chaotic shopping atmosphere & supporting a major retailer that never had me leaving the store feeling good about my decisions. I’ve probably only stepped foot in a Walmart 5 times in the past 10 years! 😱 But this kids clothing brand, guys…

THIS. BRAND. THOUGH! 👏🏻 They’ve converted me.

And for the record, this post isn’t sponsored. I mean, I just admitted I’ve never really liked Walmart! But after hearing about the Free Assembly line and being blown away by how adorable all the looks were, I had to give it a shot with my kiddos.

blue and black flannel and jeans laying on white bed

Albeit, I still ordered everything online (yay for convenient free two-day shipping!), but I love these clothes so much and feel so good about all of them! Just the fact I wouldn’t even know they were from Walmart is still blowing my mind. 🤯

The attention to detail, modern tags, and quality materials are nothing like what you’re used to getting from a Walmart brand. Nothing.

Several of the Free Assembly Kids clothes in the new Fall collection also include organic cotton or recycled polyester. 👏🏻 And to top it off, they have an incredible range of sizes available starting at size 4 all the way up to size 18!

I’d even go as far as to say these are a step above Target’s popular Cat & Jack line. 😳

pile of walmart kids clothes on carpet with box

Here are the pieces I ordered:



girl giving peace sign standing next to hydrangea plants

I know what you’re thinking… these prices are way too much for Walmart. 😒

I hear you, friends. However, Walmart’s in-house design team has totally revamped their style and brand with these new Walmart kids’ clothes – it’s their ultimate goal for Walmart’s fashion future.

The modern silhouettes, quality fabrics, and fashion-forward details are so much more than the “Walmart fashion” you’re used to.

They’ve totally outdone themselves and trust when I say, they’re WORTH the price tag. 👏🏻

Of course, this is Hip2Save so we’re still crossing our fingers for a future sale or clearance deal. 😉

close up of boys smiling on stone wall with kids

That said, I have ZERO regrets about these Walmart kids’ clothes. 😍

The flannels are thick and soft, the carpenter pants are thoughtfully designed (tough, yet trendy), and the jeans are nice and thick so I know they’ll last through many washes. They feel even better than jeans I’ve spent twice as much on before! 👏🏻

My son who is also pretty lanky loves the fit. Slim with an adjustable waistband, and a versatile wash that will make these jeans a staple all season long! Better yet, they come in packs of two!

girl and boy standing in street being silly

Even the denim joggers for my daughter are thick & soft and the ribbed shirt is so timeless and cute! Plus, I love that the entire Free Assembly line is almost all organic cotton and super neutral & simple so mixing and matching freely is easy peasy – a huge bonus for this minimalist shopper! 🥰

two boys standing in street goofing off

Now, I’ve tried other Walmart kids’ clothing brands before and have always been disappointed with them after washing them, but the Free Assembly clothes continue to impress me.

And so far they stand up to all my kiddo’s crazy shenanigans. LOL. 🤣 Every mom’s dream, am I right?!

Here are a few reasons why:

  • After washing, each piece of clothing still feels just as soft as when I unboxed them.
  • All of the pants wash SO well – i.e. no weird wrinkling due to cheap materials.
  • None of the clothes had weird shrinking in general.
  • You still get convenient higher-end details like the hidden, adjustable waistbands.

Every piece fits my kiddos so well too! 😍

three kids standing together in street

Not only am I a happy momma, but my kiddos love their new Walmart Free Assembly kids’ clothes!

Funny enough, they even know I’m not a Walmart shopper, so when I told them that’s where they were from, they didn’t even believe me! 😂

Needless to say, we all love the new Free Assembly kids clothes and they’re ready for Fall! 🥰🍂

Check out some other pieces I have my eye on from the Walmart Free Assembly kids line:

stock photo of girl wearing blue sweater

stock photo of girl wearing green jumper

stock photo of girl wearing purple plaid dress

stock photo of boy wearing green sweater

stock photo of boy wearing dark green jacket and white sweatshirt

stock photo of boy wearing blue plaid shirt

Target already announced their hottest kids toys for Christmas! 😱

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