Humans Hardcover Book Only $7.70 on Amazon

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Amazon has a book that will tug your heart strings!

Hurry on over to Amazon where you can snag Humans by Brandon Stanton in hardcover for only $7.70 (regularly $35)!

This instant New York Times Bestseller features 448 captivating pages of photos and interesting tales from people all over the world. Reviews call it “food for the soul” and a “beautiful love letter to humanity“. Reminding us that we’re all on this beautiful ride together, it would make a great addition to your own library and an even better gift for that friend that just needs something uplifting.

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Here are just a couple of the 15,000 5-star reviews…

The stories are short. You wonder where some of them began, where some of them will end. You realize that these are just…people, people you could, and do, pass by on the street, at the grocery store, wherever. Every one of us has a story. And it might not be the most exciting story or have the most success or have the best punch line. But our stories make us who we are, and by opening the door to complete stranger’s stories, we are reminded that we are not so different. We worry about going to school. Getting through school. What is after school. Getting our kids to school. Raising a family, not having children, our parents, our grandparents…the list is endless, these things we go through that everyone really goes through. So it’s not a humdrum story of one person bobbling through life. It’s a quick peek, a moment, that any of us could have, do have, that resonates and reminds you…we’re all connected. I love it.

I bought this for my dad, who has Parkinson’s and dementia and lives in a nursing home. It’s a nice place, my mom lives a mile away, but the facility really clamped down on visitors and socializing with other residents when COVID hit. My dad has always been soft hearted and I pre-ordered HUMANS months ago for him, and almost forgot I had. He got it the other day and called me especially to thank me for it. He forgets stuff so sometimes novels are hard to follow, but the deeply emotional snippets in HUMANS are right up his alley. Anyway. He’s really enjoying it so I thought I would post a review (which I very rarely do), because I think something like this would brighten the lives of a lot of older people. It’s a volume of all facets of human love, essentially, and that comes through loud and clear.

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