How Did These Bracelets Make Oprah’s Favorite Things List?

woman holding up silver chain link bracelet - oprah's favorite things

Favorite new purchase? I think not. 

Oprah’s Favorite Things list is filled with gift ideas all will love (hopefully), but my recent bracelet purchase was far from it.

jewelry in bags on table

The reality is, I love and respect Oprah – she is one amazing woman who has made a household name for herself. 👏  So, of course, when I hear her recommending literally anything, I assume it’s great.

No questions asked, right?!

Our team recently saw this set of bracelets which not only was on Oprah’s Favorite Things list but they were even recently featured on Good Morning America for 50% OFF – making my total purchase just under $50 after tax & shipping (regularly $80).

hand holding two silver bent up bracelets in palm - oprah's favorite things

Still pretty spendy for some fashionable bracelets if you ask me. 😏 However, IF they were great quality like our team assumed they would be, we were hoping to see if we could get an exclusive deal to share here with all of you.

After receiving said bracelets in the mail that’s when it hit me…

This is why we often test products.

holding poorly made bracelet in hand

These bracelets are so poorly made. 

To keep it real, the two smaller bracelets felt and looked so cheap I honestly would have thought they came out of an arcade vending machine. Plus, when you bend them to put them on they easily get warped & look wonky. No thanks!

hand holding a broken silver chain link bracelet in palm - oprah's favorite things

To top it off, the larger chain link bracelet which initially felt like somewhat better quality, broke right in half when trying to put it on my wrist. 🤦🏼‍♀️ And that’s coming from someone with tiny wrists to begin with. Oye!

I’m shocked and disappointed that these are even on Oprah’s Favorite Things list. Sure, they look beautiful, but in person, they leave A LOT to be desired even at the sale price I paid.

All of that said, this experience has been a great reminder of why we test so many products here at Hip2Save before they ever hit our site.

Want to gift the perfect set of bracelets this holiday? Here are a few less expensive options that hopefully will be better quality then the bracelets I received… 

1. Support a small shop on Etsy when you purchase this gorgeous set.

close up of silver bracelets on wrist

These delicate chain bracelets are minimal, yet still make a stunning statement. Plus, if you only need one great bracelet to wear daily, you can opt for just one bracelet and pay 18 bucks.

2. Classy & modern, this set of bracelets will make the perfect statement.

close up of arm with silver set of bracelets

Bold, classy, and versatile. That’s everything this set of bracelets will offer you and it can go with just about any outfit. They feel sturdy, heavy, and are everything any fashionista’s outfits have been missing!

3. Grab this two-pack of highly-rated costume jewelry if you’re on a strict budget.

stacking bracelets with initial

Considering the incredibly low price for this set of 2 bracelets, reviewers are happy with the quality vs. price.

4. This gold trio is a best-seller at the trendy Uncommon James shop

close up of arm wearing three gold bracelets

Simple, sweet, and delicate. According to reviews, you’ll get complimented every time you step out of the house wearing one (or all) of these 14k gold plated bracelets. Better yet, the price includes all three which was almost the same price I paid for my Oprah’s Favorite Things!

5. Every minimalist will love this simple set which comes in three colors.

close up of person wearing gold bracelets

Simple and understated, this trio of bracelets will be show stoppers no matter what you piece them with. Better yet, they come in silver, gold, or rose gold to perfectly complement your style.

We have exclusive jewelry sets from Starfish Project that are on sale!

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