Here’s the Ultimate Surprise Toy – Kids are Loving VIP Pets

girl smiling holding vip pet dolls

Surprise toys for the win! 

If your kiddo obsesses over the latest surprise toys, you have got to get your hands on one of these popular VIP Pets! They’re incredibly cute, are so fun to unbox, and would make the perfect last-minute Easter gift!

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girl holding two vip pet doll surprise toys in hands smiling

My daughter and I were so excited to test out this new, popular toy that’s gaining popularlity! She has a strong love for surprise-anything, so this was a real treat to unbox with her! 🥰

You can also find these cute VIP Pets at Target and Walmart for $14.99 each, but being the Hip2Saver that I am, I opted for the better deal on two from Amazon, at just $11.99 each. 🙌

hand holding clear bottle with plastic toy inside

After you peel off the packaging from the bottle, you’ll reveal a translucent pet doll that’s waiting to be played with! But first…you get to drench it in water to reveal its foot-long, luscious hair. Tell me what kiddo wouldn’t enjoy that?! 🤔I’ll wait. 😂

girl dumping water on surprise toy

Here comes the hair…do, do, do, do! 🎵🎶

We managed to make it through this process without making too much of a mess, but fair warning, these aren’t the cleanest surprise toys to unbox so make sure to be prepared for a little cleanup. 😂

Before drenching them with water, you’ll unscrew the bottom which also doubles as a storage container for all the included accessories – SWEET! Since there are holes in the bottom of the bottle for the water to drain out, you’ll either want to do this part over a sink or in a bowl as we opted to do.

hands wiping face of kids toy with paper towel

Next, it’s time to reveal their decorative surprise face which will include anything from a star to delicate flowers and all you have to do is wipe it with a wet cloth! It was so fun to watch my daughter’s excitement as she wiped away the “residue”.

I will say…the gooey “residue” left by the bag on the VIP Pets body & face is slightly concerning for this organic-loving mama and there’s no explanation online regarding what it is (your guess is as good as mine) so unboxing discretion is strongly advised. 😂

girl holding two VIP pets while laying on white bean bag chair

That said, the final result & seeing my daughter so thrilled was worth every single penny! 😍

As a parent, I also love that we received two totally different dolls in the Amazon VIP Pets 2-pack. From past experiences, I know some surprise toys can easily be duplicated, so it was truly something special to have two VIP Pets that look totally different!

hand brushing vip pet dolls hair on table

Each VIP Pet doll will come with its very own suction cup salon chair and tons of accessories like hair ties, a headband, a brush, and more!

So if your kiddo not only loves surprise toys but also loves pretending they’re the greatest hairstylist ever, they’ll be playing with these cute toys long after the days they’ll unbox them. 🙌 Win, win.

hand holding a VIP Pet doll in bottle

Parents will especially love how easily these surprise toys clean up! 👏 As I mentioned already, the accessories easily store in the pink compartment on the bottom and the doll & salon chair fit perfectly inside the bottle compartment. Having the most adorable storage container to tote them around in also makes them great travel buddies too!

two VIP pet dolls sitting on table

I’ve gotta say… these toys are super cute and my daughter loves both of them so much.

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