Golden Goose Dupes That Cost Hundreds Less Than Nordstrom Prices!

Score these trendy Golden Goose dupes for hundreds less!

golden goose shoes on store display

Prepare yourself for these jaw-dropping dupes. 🤯

Before we dive in, I have to admit something. Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of Golden Goose. I’m assuming many of you haven’t either given what I recently discovered.

I was blown away to find out this trending brand offers iconic “star sneakers” which retail anywhere from $500 to over $1,000! 😱 The funniest part of all, each pair is purposefully scuffed and made to look dirty and each piece is handmade in Italy so they’re truly “one-of-a-kind”, hence the high price. 😏

What on Earth?! 🤣

hand holding a golden goose sneaker in store

You can find the extremely high-end Golden Goose brand at stores like Nordstrom and they offer high-end pieces from clothing to sneakers and even accessories although, they’ve become most well known for their iconic “star sneakers” – in fact, they’re so popular, they’re going on tour. Not kidding. 

While sporting any Golden Goose piece will set you apart from any crowd, the price tags are sure to leave your wallet sweating it big time. So we thought it would be fun to find our very own, much more affordable dupes!

Check out these incredible Golden Goose dupes we found!

1. Who needs genuine calf hair on their sneakers when you can save nearly $500 on this leopard Golden Goose dupe?

leopard star sneakers

That’s a savings of $510.02!

This Golden Goose sneaker may have a leopard-spotted genuine calf-hair star on it, but DSW offers an almost identical and wildly cool pair of Steve Madden sneakers for over $500 less! Plus, our less expensive option has tons of great reviews so we’re thinking it’s a solid option for anyone looking to save on this trend.

golden goose sneaker compared to steven madden sneaker

That’s a savings of $447 or more!

As if Amazon didn’t already have all the things, but now you can even get Golden Goose dupes on the massive shopping site as well! Better yet, the Steve Madden sneaker dupe even appears to be more distressed so you’ll be able to sport your favorite worn-in look right out of the box!

3. You can try a pair of black Golden Goose dupes for free with Amazon Prime Wardrobe!

two black golden goose sneakers dupe with white background

That’s a savings of $460.01 or more!

That’s right, if you just want to give this look a try before committing to even the price of a dupe, you can try this pair of sneakers for free before you commit to buying with Amazon Prime Wardrobe! Made by Steve Madden, you’re still going to pay a pretty penny, but if you genuinely love this look we know they’ll be well made and likely last a long time!

They have other colors too! 🤩

stock photos of gold pink and white golden goose dupe sneakers

That’s a savings of $535.01!

Funny enough, there’s plenty of Steve Madden Rubie sneaker designs to choose from to get your star sneaker fix!

At first glance, these gold and pink accented Golden Goose dupes look identical. However, with the growing popularity of those looking for Golden Goose dupes, this style is going fast, so if you find your size act on it now before they’re gone!

4. If you’re really looking to save big, Portland Boot Company has dupes under $20!

comparison of golden goose and portland boot company snakeskin sneaker dupe

That’s a savings of $587.01!

For starters, you just can’t beat sneakers under $20. But the Portland Boot Company brand took it a step further by not only making Golden Goose dupes that are, in my opinion, even cuter than the brand name ones, but also are on sale for just $17.99! That’s the biggest gap in price we’ve found so far!

5. It’s not just shoes, Walmart even has the perfect hoodie dupe for men, sure to be a staple piece in any wardrobe. 😆

comparison of black star hoodies on man

That’s a savings of $254.58!

Now, I don’t know many people (or any) who are dropping nearly $300 on a sweatshirt but considering this basic black hoodie with stars is hard to come by, we thought we’d come up with a DIY version to save you over $250! 👏🏻 🤣

man holding pack of foam star stickers holding black hoodie on hanger

Luckily, Walmart has identical black pullover hoodies for just under 13 bucks to achieve the high-end style! Paired with some sticky foam stars, you’ve practically nailed this hot Golden Goose look. 🙌🏻 😉

The only difference? Golden Goose’s hoodie is 100% cotton and our dupe is 60% Cotton/40% Polyester. However, that just means less shrinkage when you wash it. Even better, our Walmart option is more versatile since the stars can be taken off for the days you’re going for a more minimalist look. 😏

They even have great women’s sweatshirt dupes too!

comparison of gray sweatshirt with gold star on front

That’s a savings of $219.59!

WOWZA! 🤩 Walmart even has the women’s section covered too! For just about 10 bucks you can sport a similar pullover sweatshirt to make the perfect Golden Goose dupe for women. Plus, it’ll go with just about anything!

woman giving peace sign taking selfie in mirror with phone

Using the same, gold star stickers that Stetson found, Cam was able to use one gold star to replicate the expensive pullover sweatshirt by Golden Goose.

Best of all, if you’re after both the men’s and women’s Golden Goose sweatshirt dupes, then you’ll only need one pack of stickers – making your dupes cost even less! 👏🏻

Obviously, we’ve half kidding on these last sweatshirt dupes, but we’re still feeling like it’s a win, win all around! 😂

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