Get Ready To Serve Up Key Lime Pie Kit Kat Bars For Easter 2021

Key Lime Pie Kit Kat Bar in a key lime pie

Pucker up – new food items are on the horizon!

We all have favorite candy bars we will NOT share from our Halloween haul. If Kit Kat is yours, get ready to guard your Easter basket too! Just in time for the sweet treat basket holiday, Hershey’s is releasing Key Lime Pie Kit Kat Bars!

You’ll recognize the crunch of these crispy bars but possibly not their pastel green creme coating. Test your taste buds while you enjoy the traditional sweetness now combined with a yummy tart twist!

Key Lime Pie Kit Kat Bar

These limited edition treats are set to arrive in stores on March 30th, just in time for this year’s Easter egg hunt. So far, we’ve only spotted the 24-bar box available for pre-order at for $21.12 – just 88¢ per bar! Go ahead and preorder now – with that many, no one will have to break off a piece to share!

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