Funko Back to The Future Board Game Only $17 on Amazon (Regularly $30)

Back to the Future board game

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This board game features a 3-D Clock Tower for the dice-rolling randomizer, a DeLorean Time Machine mover, a love meter, six McFly Family Photo sections, three DeLorean part tiles, and more. Plus, you can play as your favorite character – Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Jennifer Parker, or Einstein!

Back to the Future themed board game

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Bought this game as a gift for my husband for Father’s Day. It was a BIG hit and we had such a fun time playing it as a family. It’s cooperative, so you’re all on the same team working together to get George & Lorraine to fall in love, the DeLorean fixed up and into position in time for lightning to strike at 10:04 pm, all while dodging Biff and his gang who are out making trouble. It’s super theme-tastic, and we were up on our feet shouting at the dice by the end of the game. SO much fun!!

What’s not to love about a Back to the Future themed board game? The components are fun, and although it may look daunting to infrequent board gamers because of all of the different pieces, it is not that complicated. We highly recommend the advice of the game makers – complete the opportunity challenges first thing. You need the extra power tiles and items to help, too. Focus on the love meter and get it moving, and keep an eye on what is coming up on the time track. It’s true that luck of the die plays a significant role, but efficiency in accomplishing the two main tasks (moving the love meter and moving the Delorean), rolling extra dice (for the wildcard lightning bolt), and active coordination and sharing power tokens in clutch moments, really help. We played three times and won each time, without resort to House rules.

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