Fruit & Veggie Juicer Just $40 Shipped on Amazon

fezen juicer with hand adding fruit

Eat more fruits & veggies with this juicer deal!

Through September 30th, hop on over to Amazon where you can score this Fezen Fruit and Vegetable Juicer for just $40.19 shipped when you clip the $50 off digital coupon and use promo code 3003SJUICERS at checkout.

This advanced juicer features a 7-segment spiral auger that slowly masticates to preserve up to 90% juice content including all the good stuff your body needs – like vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and more nutrients! Plus, it has an upgraded filter system that separates the pulp from the juice and a reverse function to avoid clogging. It has a quiet motor and is made with food-grade stainless steel, and BPA-free materials, plus the filter is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup!

This would make a useful Christmas or wedding gift and could save you quite a bit of money instead of buying store-bought juice!

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Still not sold? Let these 5-star reviews help your decision…

I am happy with this juicer! After doing a ton of research and really being unsure as to whether I should just spend the $300 plus to get a quality juicer, or if I should take my chances with the reviews on a much lower cost juicer. Let me tell you, the best decision I made was buying this juicer. It juices everything I’ve tried perfectly. I have no complaints!

This juicer works so well, it was able to effortlessly separate the juices from the tomatoes that I put through. I didn’t add any water to it yet it was still able to cleanly and smoothly press the tomatoes. I’ve made so many cleansing juices since I’ve bought this machine and I don’t plan on stopping!

It is so simple to use, all you do is put whatever you want to juice down the top hole and press it down with the included stick in order to make it go down. You don’t have to use almost any force when pressing down, and the hole is also shaped in a way that makes the stick not rotate when pressing which I suppose is what makes it so easy to push down. The assembly was also very simple and easy to understand.

This juicer is great for maintaining your health as it enables you to make natural juices instead of buying them from concentrate and is much easier to clean than a blender.

See what you can concoct with this deal…

juicer on counter making green juice

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