FREE Febreze Plug-In at Walmart

The best Walmart deals are free!

Through May 14th, you can score an offer for a FREE Febreze Plug-In when shopping at Walmart!

Just head here to enter your mobile number. You’ll then receive a link to a coupon valid for a FREE Febreze Plug-In which you can use at self-scan at your local Walmart.

Here’s how to snag the deal…

person inserting a glass febreze scent plug refill into a white warmer plugged into outlet on wall

  1. Tap the blue “ready to pay” button in your mobile text
  2. Head to Walmart self-scan and scan all products, including Febreze Plug-In 1-Count
  3. Push the “total” or “pay” button when complete
  4. Select credit/debit
  5. Scan the barcode on your mobile text USING THE HAND SCANNER before any other payment type

The price of the Febreze Plug-In should be deducted from your payment total! Keep in mind, there is a limit of one per mobile phone.

Browse all the freebie offers currently available!

(Thanks, Ben!)

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