Fall Inspired Apple Cider Sangria Recipe

This is the perfect apple cider sangria recipe to entertain your guests!


Looking for the perfect fall drink? ๐ŸŽ

We have the best fall beverage for you and your friends to ring in the fall season with! Hereโ€™s how to make the perfect fall pitcher of apple cider sangria! This recipe is super easy to throw together and tastes very light and refreshing. What a great way to take advantage of inexpensive and in-season apples this time of year.

This recipe only has four ingredients, including a bottle of wine, some sparkling cider, at least two apples, and caramel syrup.


Customize this apple cider sangria to your liking!

One of the best things about this recipe is that itโ€™s totally customizable and can be changed to reflect your preferences. Simply swap out the wine but continue to follow the steps. I used pinot grigio, which is a dry white wine. If you prefer sweeter wines, try it with Moscato, which many Hip readers seemed to enjoy! If you enjoy red sangria, try using a Cabernet Sauvignon red as it complements the fruit really well.

If you want to turn this into a warm beverage, try heating up the cider before mixing it with the other ingredients. Though I havenโ€™t tried this, it sounds super cozy and other readers seem to have liked the outcome!

chopped apples in pitcher

caramel syrup being poured in pitcher

pouring cider and wine

sangria being mixed

apple cider sangria glasses


Apple Cider Sangria

yield: 6 SERVINGS

prep time: 5 MINUTES

cook time: 5 MINUTES

total time: 10 MINUTES

This is the perfect fall drink recipe and you only need four ingredients, including a bottle of wine, sparkling cider, apples, and caramel syrup.


Chop apples and place them at the bottom of a large pitcher.


Pour in the bottle of wine, sparkling cider, and caramel syrup (if desired). If heating up the cider, do so before mixing it with the other ingredients.


Stir well, let chill for about an hour before serving.

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apple cider sangria

Sip and enjoy! ๐Ÿฅ‚

This apple cider sangria would be a great drink to take tailgating, camping, and to serve at any fall party from Halloween through Thanksgiving! You can definitely alter it to fit your taste by experimenting with different wines. Next time, I may experiment by adding some caramel-flavored vodka instead of syrup. I bet that would be good, too!

Sangria is also yummy with all sorts of fruits, so try adding some different options aside from just apples! Oranges would definitely compliment this recipe. Yum!

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