Everything Genetic links up with Caris for UK distribution of MI Tumor Seek

MI Tumor Seek is a molecular profiling service used to guide the management of advanced cancer

UK genetic testing services company, Everything Genetic, has been granted the sole UK distribution rights for Caris Life Sciences’ MI Tumor Seek service.

The link up complements Everything Genetic’s current portfolio of cancer risk testing, which enables people with the disease to make more informed decisions about their health and take preventative measures, including regular screening programmes and improved lifestyle choices.

Caris – based in the US – has built the world’s largest informative platform for analysing cancers with the most comprehensive tumour profiling among all 22,000 genes. Meanwhile, its MI Tumor Seek molecular profiling assay provides oncologists and surgeons with clinically important genomic information on key biomarkers across all solid tumours.

Andreas Tsukada, senior vice president and head of international at Caris Life Sciences, noted: “We are pleased to partner with Everything Genetic for the distribution of MI Tumor Seek in the UK, further supporting Caris’ goal of improving the lives of as many people as possible.”

“This collaboration provides healthcare professionals the access to best-in-class diagnostic technologies that will enable them to make more precise and individualised treatment decisions for their cancer patients,” he added.

James Price, chief executive officer at Everything Genetic, concluded: “The partnership will enable medical teams across the UK to access the precision diagnostic technologies for biomarker identification, and therefore to fully understand the biology of a tumour and to implement the best treatment strategy for their cancer patients.

“The partnership strengthens Everything Genetic’s position as the partner of choice for genetic testing in the UK.”

Everything Genetic will also leverage its pedigree as a Sunday Times Top 100 fastest growing UK business, ensuring better access to genetic testing and enabling it to provide the highest standard of care for patients.

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