Easter Gingerbread Houses | Make A Cute DIY Easter Peep House

Make Easter gingerbread houses using Peeps & graham crackers for a fun DIY!

Fun kids' craft - putting together an Easter gingerbread house using graham crackers

Looking for a fun, creative, and edible kids’ craft this Easter?

These homemade houses using Peeps marshmallows are such a fun activity to do with kids, or friends and family. The process is very similar to making gingerbread houses for Christmas, except we’re using cute Easter candy!

Fun kids' craft - DIY Easter Gingerbread House Supplies on the Counter

How to make an Easter Peep house

Only some simple, inexpensive supplies are required for this fun kids craft!

You’ll need some graham crackers, Easter candy like Peeps, sprinkles, and (most importantly) a thick icing to act as your “glue” when constructing your house. I used a tube of Wilton decorating icing, and that worked nicely. It needs to dry hard and thick to hold the houses together.

making shredded coconut grass in a baggie for peeps houses

Give your Easter house some grass with shredded coconut!

This edible grass is completely optional, but it’s so easy and fun to make.

First, I added about a cup of shredded coconut to a plastic baggie. Then I mixed up a teaspoon of water with two drops of green food coloring. Just add the water/food coloring mixture to the baggie, shake up the contents, and the shredded coconut will take on a nice green color. You can then use this “grass” for your Peeps houses!

making Easter gingerbread houses with graham crackers

Easter Peep houses under construction…

Make the base of your house first by using frosting to stick the three walls and base together, as shown above, and then let that dry/set for a few minutes. Then, attach the pitched roof to the top. Finally, you can embellish your houses with coconut grass, Peeps, Easter candy, etc. So fun and easy to create!

Hip Tip: Make sure to use lightweight/small candy or sprinkles to decorate the roof, or it could cave in. I had that happen with heavier candy. 😆

using icing as glue to compile an Easter Peeps house

graham cracker houses with Easter Peeps and candy inside

DIY Easter Peep Houses


  • graham crackers (about 3 full sized crackers per house)
  • thick cookie icing in white
  • sprinkles or small candies for embellishments
  • Peeps marshmallow candy
  • shredded coconut (dyed green)
  • Easter egg candy or jelly beans


Break apart 3 graham cracker sheets in half, so you have 6 square pieces.


Use icing to “glue” four pieces together to form the base of house. Lay one square cracker flat, and then glue three sides to base square. Let dry/set for a few minutes.


Use icing to make a pitched roof and attach to top of house.


Let house dry/set for a few more minutes. Place shredded coconut, Peeps, and jelly beans inside house to embellish. You can also use small candy or sprinkles to decorate the outside using additional icing.

finished kids' craft - Easter Peeps Houses as seasonal decor on a tray

Chillin’ with my Peeps!

Oh my goodness.. these Peeps crafts turned out so CUTE. I love this as a fun Easter tabletop display on a tray as I’ve done in the photo above.

It would be great to have this as a kids’ craft station at your family’s Easter gathering. They’ll love making crafts with Peeps that can serve as an activity, a cute display and a snack!

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