Coleman Deluxe Camping Cot w/ Sleeping Pad Only $49.97 Shipped on Amazon (Reg. $110)

man sitting next to woman laying on cot

Get ready for the camping season with Amazon deals!

Tired of sleeping on the ground when camping? Head over to Amazon or where you can grab this Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Camping Cot w/ Sleeping Pad for just $49.97 shipped (regularly $109.99)! They are also offering the regular size version for just $46.97 (regularly $89.99)!

The Coleman Camping Cot is made with a durable steel frame that features a bi-fold design for easy setup and breakdown while the spring construction offers a bed-like feel. The cot includes a covered foam mattress pad and sleeps a person up to 6’6″ tall and weighing up to 300lbs (the regular version can support people up to 275lbs and 5’7″ tall).

Even if camping isn’t your thing, this cot would be perfect to have on hand for a quick and easy set-up for an overnight guest when you find yourself with a house full!

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man sitting next to woman laying on cot

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My wife is 6’ 2” (I’m 5’ 8”)…we decided to make an extended car camping/glamping trip so comfortable sleeping arrangements were imperative. The cots were perfect…super for tall and short people equally. Totally comfortable for all our camping nights! – deluxe size 

Yeah, so I’m a big guy. In all directions. I’m kinda tall and I’m wide and I’m totin’ some tonnage, so you wonder whether this thing is up to the task. It is. For us biggins, the extra width of this is welcome, the length is nice, and it’s pretty comfortable. It’s also easy to set up and fold up. I used it for about 15 nights last summer and so far so good. We’ll see how well the springs hold up over time, but I’m optimistic so far. If you’re oversized, this is the way to go. – deluxe size 

I was expecting this to feel like the average cot…kinda stiff and gets uncomfortable as the night goes on. Wrong!! This turned out to be super comfortable. Almost like being in a semi-firm bed. Long and wide, it accommodates up to 275 lbs. (and I am a large person) Very sturdy. To open: partially open both sides, flip it down into the proper position (will be bowed upwards), then push down on the middle and snap! It closes outward in the proper position. Either end can be angled down if you fold the end’s legs down. Easy to fold up and carry. The foam mattress folds in half and is “stored” behind the legs as you fold the cot up for storage or carrying. – regular size version

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