Christmas Cactus Houseplant Only $4.99 at ALDI

3 plants sitting next to each other on store shelf

ALDI has pretty Christmas cactus plants ready for gifting!

Hurry to your local ALDI where you may find these Christmas Cactus houseplants for only $4.99!

Don’t let the name fool you – it’s not actually a cactus! The leaves are not sharp and will not poke you, but are thick & waxy to help them store water. Note that pricing can vary by region.

hand holding plant up to camera

The Christmas Cactus prefers bright, indirect light. When these popular houseplants bloom, they produce colorful, tubular flowers and the best part is they stay bloomed for a long time. They are a fun surprise because they bloom near the holidays.

If you put them in full sun the leaf segments will turn dark red and begin to burn. You also want to keep it away from any direct heat sources like vents or fireplaces.

Enjoy these fun Christmas crafts!

(Thanks, Karen!)

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