BOGO Free Winky Lux Eyebrow Pencils & Mascara + Why I Love It!

woman holding Winky Lux products

I’ve got my eyes on you, Winky Lux! 😍

There’s something special about finding a luxury makeup product that doesn’t cost a fortune, so I’m excited to share a few amazing makeup products for your eyes that I’m loving right now!

Best of all, I even have some incredible deals for ya to make this luxury eye makeup an even better bang for your buck!

various eye brown and mascara winky lux products on pink tissue paper

Lately, I’ve received so many reader questions about my eyebrows so I’m so excited to dig into all things eyes today and give you the same effortless look at home!

Even better, all Winky Lux mascara & eyebrow products are BOGO FREE so I can’t wait to tell ya all about the deal you can score! 😍

I’m no newbie to Winky Lux – I first fell in love with their company when I found out how clean their products are. They’re free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and they’re even cruelty-free! Last summer, I shared their viral flower lipstick that my daughter and I were obsessed with, but more recently I fell head over heels for some of their eye products!

Here are the 3 Winky Lux eye makeup products I’m loving right now:

woman drawing on eyebrow with gold winky lux eyebrow pencil

1. Winky Lux Uni-Brow Precision

Okay, ladies. Ever since I started actually doing my eyebrows as part of my makeup routine, I have been a team Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil lover for life! (If you’ve ever tried it, you know the obsession is real.)

HOWEVER, the Winky Lux Uni-Brow Precision Pencil has totally rocked my world and I love it EVEN more than I ever did the ABH one. I know…I’m just as speechless as you are. 😍

Better yet, here’s a deal on the Winky Lux Uni-Brow Precision pencil:

Buy 2 Uni-Brow Precision eyebrow pencils = $32 for both
BOGO FREE with promo code H2SBOGO
Final cost JUST $16 for TWO eyebrow pencils!

Standard shipping is $5, or FREE on orders of $30 or more. 

hand holding a winky lux box with gold eyebrow pencil

About 2.5 years ago, I had my eyebrows professionally shaped for about 25 bucks and I was also taught how to shape them so when I do use an eyebrow pencil, I would know just where to draw the line. Literally.

The Winky Lux Uni-Brow Precision pencil is a cinch to use and I’m completely dumbfounded how the color is universal and matches my hair color seamlessly! Because of its universal multi-pigment formula, it can match almost any hair shade out there! Speechless, I tell ya!

close up of woman doing eyebrows with gold winky lux unibrow pencil

Best of all, its super-fine point never dulls like regular pencils… so until it’s gone, you’ll never have to worry about sharpening it and wasting your precious makeup!

So why do I love it more than the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil? 🤔

I’m so glad you asked, ladies! Unlike the Anastasia brow pencil, the Winky Lux one actually stays on all day! I found the Anastasia pencil rubbed off almost too easily and if you’re wearing your makeup all day, you definitely need to be more cautious. However, the Winky Lux Uni-Brow Precision pencil is spot on and has just the right amount of erasability.

hand holding a gold winky lux unibrow universal eyebrow pencil

2. Winky Lux Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil

To accompany the thinner brow pencil I just shared above, I’m also equally as obsessed with the Winky Lux Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil! In fact, so are one million other happy makeup lovers according to their site!

Better yet, here’s an awesome deal you can score on this Winky Lux eyebrow pencil too:

Buy 2 Uni-Brow Universal eyebrow pencils = $32 for both
BOGO FREE with promo code H2SBOGO
Final cost JUST $16 for TWO eyebrow pencils!

Standard shipping is $5 or FREE on orders of $30 or more. 

Or here’s a deal if you really want to stock up and get FREE shipping:

woman holding unibrow universal eyebrow pencil up to hand drawing lines

Their Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil is the best of both worlds! You can easily achieve a thinner, hair-like look with each stroke or use the thicker side if you have a lot to fill in. Plus, you can get a dark eyebrow or light eyebrow look depending on your look of the day. Either way, it’s what perfect eyebrow dreams are made of!

Even more mind-blowing, it also has the innovative and universal multi-pigment formula, which I had a great experience with and I’m confident you will too! As you can see from my photos, the color match is perfect!

hand holding two purple boxes of winky lux mascara

3. Winky Lux So Extra Mascara

Last, but certainly not least, I always make sure to throw on a little bit of mascara before running out the door. Although I don’t have a luxury go-to favorite to compare it to, I think this Winky Lux mascara is amazing! Not to mention, it’s a clean product just like all their other makeup — you just can’t say the same about plenty of drug-store brands that aren’t much cheaper.

Better yet, here’s an awesome deal to make the Winky Lux mascara even more affordable:

Buy 2 Winky Lux So Extra Mascara = $36 for two
BOGO FREE with promo code H2SBOGO
Final cost JUST $18 for TWO mascaras!

Standard shipping is $5 or FREE on orders of $30 or more. 

Or scoop up my favorite eyebrow pencil with your new mascara + FREE shipping!

close up of woman putting on black mascara

Winky Lux designed this mascara with a unique butterfly bristle brush which is designed to separate, lengthen, and volumize your lashes without annoying clumps or flaking. When trying out this mascara, I really felt like the bristles were getting right down to the root and giving my lashes maximum coverage and volume!

Plus, I’ve always struggled with clumping when I go back for another coat, but I experienced NO clumps and no flaking throughout the day! It’s a wonder why Winky Lux calls this mascara So Extra when really it’s just SO AWESOME!

After trying out this new makeup, I’m team Winky Lux for life, y’all! 🙌😍

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